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By 10/17/2016

i'm in guatemala living my best life with anna and jessica.  we've got one more today and we plan to buy all the textiles that are left after 3 days of us buying all the textiles.

we're staying on lake atitlan, and we spend the days going to different towns via boat or van and adventuring around, eating, dog spotting, learning about mayan traditions (like weaving and mask making), discovering beautiful things we can't live without that will undoubtedly change our lives if we bring them home with us, and laughing.  it's been a blast.

today we undertook a hike worthy of a lifetime achievement award, and we didn't die.  after 5 hours, 12 miles, a 4K elevation change and a willingness to shut our brains off long enough to allow our bodies to get us to the top of one of the tallest volcanoes in guatemala, we're feeling pretty beast.

in news that's more relevant, and actionable to you
-i bought these leggings because they're $38 and i like the zipper
-i don't usually go here, but america is in a real situation with this one.
-this is pretty dope, and its new on the site this week.
-i've listened to all of these and you should too.
-i'm using this, and it's kinda doing wonders.