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By 9/19/2016

i've been keeping busy this month - started with a bit of travel, but also spending a little more time in raleigh than usual, and guess what? i kinda liked it.

i feel like it's been a while since i did some good thrifting for myself, so i picked up a few finds to freshen things up
i was in vegas two weeks ago for jessica's birthday.  so was this great pink herringbone floor

it's time to bust out our basic bitch and start burning the pumpkin chai candle.  being basic never smelled so good.

my friends at holder goods celebrated their 1 year anniversary with a great party
jamie meares
i celebrated sunday with these two.
jamie meares
to kick hopscotch off last week, we stopped by a meet and greet w/ j. cole.  apparently we thought we were the stars.

and from friday night, a super lovely birthday dinner in the backyard for a friend.
a shelfie at work.  i werked on a shelfie
for our vegas celebrations, we had custom Bey hats made.  
and this was post the aforementioned, but really from hopscotch, after i walked 2343 miles and waited 2934 hours and just wished erykah badu would've been lauryn hill.


  1. Jamie! When can we get a house tour from you?! I know you mentioned selling a while back - did that come to fruition? I constantly reference your home images for inspiration, needing more in my life! xo