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nyc shopping trip :: recap 2

By 9/07/2016

making choices for some new indigo dyed pillows

an outside lunch at the bowery hotel's restaurant gemma hits the spot

on the roof at the jane hotel, celebrating my friend michele adam's birthday

um, we bought another bag with pom poms
it feels so much better to squeeze in a workout to make up for all the eating and drinking in NYC.  SLT is a major ass-kicker.  i love working on megaformers

pretty new pom pom blankets coming to the shop soon

shoe game strong - zara loafers for jessica and chloe platforms for me
well, you know, a bag, with a pom pom, and a tassel.  shocker.

i try to stay away from you millenial's new word 'literal' because you're just wrong, but this was just right.  literally the best tacos, salsas and spicy margs around.
we sought out the sabah shoe dealer per jessica's new discovery, and were so impressed anna and i ended up purchasing a pair as well.  these turkish shoes are super chic and available to purchase in a charming out-of-the-way townhouse in east village that serves as a showroom.
we stayed at the roxy this time (formally the tribeca grand) and were pleased with the great rate we got, the good location and the comfy lobby
snapping inspiration shots at market
so much personality at sabah shoes, we wanted to capture every corner
sequined planters, check!
snapshots from the charming showroom for sabah shoes
a little corner with character in out hotel, the roxy.  they have a great coffee shop in the lobby

the luxe lobby at the jane hotel

we didn't get past one, but i'm sure it's fun to try
all photos by anna routh