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let me explain myself

By 9/23/2016

we're getting lots of questions about the workshop at jessica's house in a few weeks, so lemme give you some more info.

remember when we went to london to spend a day with rita konig in her flat and learn the secrets to the universe?  well, we were so inspired (and because several people asked) we decided to give it a go here in raleigh.  disclaimer, jessica and i are NO rita konig - she's much more charming and talented than both of us quadrupled; plus she'll always win with an accent.  However, we do know a few things about making a house a good looking home, and we want to spend the day sharing them with you.  from rita, we found it's so much more effective, and special to do it in an actual home than at the office with a powerpoint. 

jessica's done an amazing job with her new house (check out her IG).  in less than a year, it feels like a furbish teenage dream and you won't want to run away and never look back.  you'll want to stay and have champagne and cake with us while we walk through the house room by room, sharing sources, the secrets on how to mix high with low, old with new, when to splurge and when to save, how to decorate around dogs, start a collection, layer in finds from travels and personal momentos, the down low on what plants work inside and out, how to create an outdoor room that you can really live in, tips on framing and hanging gallery walls, ideas on updating an old house in stages, how to fake fancy if you're not, and so much more.

we'll expound on what to tell your husband and not, i'll wear something not quite right, we'll talk about furniture layouts, the right rugs for the right rooms, how to use expensive fabrics, must-haves for entertaining, where to put the cat box, our favorite lighting sources, and where to score the best vintage finds in raleigh.

we'll both be there to answer questions and share stories.  i'll say awkward things and jessica will try to help us recover.  she'll tell you how she went about designing and decorating her home and i'll get distracted and look at instagram.  then we'll have champagne and i'll be back to great and we'll finish up with recapping the magic of the universe that has been bestowed upon you and we'll hug.  then shopping and you can be nosey and poke around more.

it will be a fun day with friends in raleigh who love to decorate and want to learn and share about how to fill a home with things you love and have it look super-chic at the same time.

we'll start at 9:30, and go until 1:30.  afterwards, there will be an opportunity to shop exclusive items at discounted prices inspired by finds in jessica's home.  we'll make it easier to take what you've learned and start transforming your home into a special place where you want to share cake and champagne your friends!

the tickets are $195.  we have a couple left, and i really want you to have one.  you can purchase them here.

if you want to know more, email me.  i'll tell ya.  i really do think it's going to be great.


  1. I wanted to attend before but now...??? How fun are you guys!! If only Atlanta wasn't so far from Raleigh!!!

  2. You have really a great taste! Great Pics :) Mahee Ferlini

  3. You are quite hilarious and charming to boot! I know it will be great fun. Shelly

  4. Man I'd love to go! I just can't afford it right now. I'm looking forward to at least getting to see pictures of it and hearing about it :)