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affordable lucite framing

By 8/05/2016

powder explosion artwork // peter dunham fig leaf pillows // peruvian striped pillows // hyla f embroidered pillow

i was searching for a large piece of artwork to hang across from my bed, over a bench of my mother's - and i knew i wanted to wake up to something happy. something stimulating and encouraging. and it needed to be huge. enter photos.com, where i found this huge rainbow explosion. i couldn't imagine a better piece to remind me i'm a katy perry firework.

at almost 4' tall, talk about a statement. plus, i opted for photos.com acrylic framing option for a sleek presentation that allowed the artwork to really shine. i could envision the piece migrating to other spaces eventually - above a wooden buffet in a dining room for interesting juxtapostion, or hanging in an entry. something about it felt very domino-esque to me, you know? one of those pieces you've never seen, but now can't stop thinking about.

i've been bursting out of bed for the last week now - all that motivation and under $400 for huge custom framed artwork. yaas queeen.

some other fun finds at photos.com, and these can all be framed with the acrylic option, as well as wooden frames.

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