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By 6/06/2016

The things i've moved from optional to essential 1- pink cyclamen plants ... i've managed to bring two back from the dead and they're blooming bright and bold once again  //  2 - my go to scents lately are jonathan adler's hashish candle during the day, and nest's japanese black currant at night  //  3 - warm weather means it's bathing suit time, and this turkish t poncho has been my go-to cover up for two years now  //  4 - rita konig's belles rives tray is a happy punch of color i brought back from london and perfectly corrals my remotes and a few picture frames on the coffee table (i'd love another for bedside!)  //  5 - this set of three nesting bowls is the perfect impromptu party solution.  i just fill with snacks (usually corn nuts, some cornichons, olives or a spicy rice cracker mix) and everyone is happy  //  6 - i'm obsessed with this sexy white lamp.  it's totally modern but seems right at home on an old wooden table  //  7 - living proof's instant repair has become most necessary for my hair as it's undergoing it's color stripping.  the texture is terrible right now, so a bit of the repair cream on the ends keeps things from going too cray cray  //  8 - i love this constellation ear crawler from bauble bar.  it's one of those i put on every morning for a little bit of cool  //  9 - i keep my instax mini camera in a bowl in the living room for friends to take seriously silly selfies.  i have a dozen or so of these great frames for the true masterpieces, and keep them on rotation for a fresh take on displaying, plus i love the cute film  //  10 - i've picked up a few african textiles on recent travels, and i love moving them around the house.  i've got one over a headboard and another on the edge of a comfy chair.  they add a great layer of style and each is one-of-a-kind.