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the southern bar

By 5/24/2016

I was in new orleans last weekend, and after experiencing so much low country hospitality, i've had the makings of a southern bar on the brain. here's a simple recipe for a fast fix when friends drop in.

1 - blue glasses // 2 - tortoise ice bucket // 3 - decanter // 4 - onyx tray // 5 - topiary // 6 - cocktail set // 7 - blue and white lamp // 8 - cocktail napkins // 9 - ice bucket // 10 - rattan trays


  1. Southern hospitality is a real thing, ya'll! I'm from Texas, and I swear there is a well-furnished bar in every home. These glass pieces are so cute! Our bar is outfitted with a glass carafe set my mom received at her wedding. I especially love the little skull and crossbones flask featured in the first photo. Want. Do you know where I could find something like that? Thanks, Jamie!