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the real raleigh :: dustin patrick smith and burton buffaloe

By 4/29/2016

Name Dustin P. Smith and Burton B. Buffaloe
Occupation Dustin, Owner at Marigold Parlour Hair Salon. Burton, Cognitive Computing Analyst at IBM

Who do you live with Right now it’s just us and our two Chihuahua’s Levi and Tuff. But we are expecting twins, boy and girl, late summer 2016.
What’s your sign Dustin, Virgo; Burton, Taurus

What do you collect Art, Coffee Table Books and Treasure Chests.
Favorite places to score finds for your home I’m in love with a place called Slate Interiors in Charlotte. We never leave empty handed.

Describe your style in 3 words umm..hmm.. relaxed, colorful and a little bizarre
Fool proof dinner party tip everyone loves charcuterie … well unless you are vegan. In that case, everyone loves champagne?!

Top 3 things you attribute your success to It takes a good team. I never micro manage people and always treat them with respect, Allow them to shine in their own unique way, and always remain humble.
Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence We adore collecting art. We have a walk-in closet filled… that seems to be a little extravagant. The darkest chocolate we can find would be our simple. Both make us so happy.

Who would you want to play you in your biopic Dustin- Joe Manganiello, but Danny Devito would likley be the one who got picked
Netflix obsession House of Cards

Favorite song right now Kiiara , Gold… so good!
A book you've read more than once The giving tree, and we plan to read it many times over when the twins arrive.

One piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you lose a great business opportunity.

Where is the last place you traveled Miami Beach
What did you bring back …… a body complex!?

Favorite place to get coffee in Raleigh I love Brew and can walk there from work.
What’s your newest music discovery Sylvan Esso (another North Carolina talent!)

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year Ask us this after the twins are born..
What surprises you about Raleigh That we don't have a Dean and Deluca! Can we please work on this :)

Favorite song to dance to September by Earth, Wind and Fire also anything Britney or Beyonce
Favorite hotel any Ian Schrager hotel.

What smell do you love coffee and campfires
What do you like to do in your home we love to entertain. Laughter and good people feed our soul

Two things you love about your job Dustin- I love that I have such close relationships with so many walks of life. Being a hair stylist I get to pick the brains of every type of person in every type of industry. I learn so much about things most people aren't exposed to in a work environment. I also love working with a group of creative artists. Everyone at my salon is beyond talented. I truly never dread going to work.

What’s always in your refrigerator a ridiculous amount of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and things that should have been tossed out weeks ago.
Book you're reading right now Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins and Baby 411

What can you not stop thinking about This new journey that is about to happen for us. We are about to be fathers to these two gifts from God. Its important that we prepare for them and give them a home filled with love and kindness. We want to be the best dads imaginable.

Favorite piece of clothing right now Any vintage Tee… But ask anyone who knows Dustin and they would tell you “anything plaid.” He owns more plaid than a Scottish Santa.
Favorite cocktail We love to try new Bourbon, paired with giant ice cube; You can’t go wrong.

The farthest you have been from home we went to New Zealand for a month last year. We drove the entire country from north island to south island. Its truly the most beautiful and spectacular place we have even been to.
Impromptu talent show - how do you win Burton can hit a high note that would shatter glass, Mariah Carey style.
What’s really important to you right now It's important to us that we live in a community that is tolerant and loving. Both Burton and I love Raleigh. We have both opened multiple businesses here in North Carolina and have contributed to the growth of our city. Thanks to the Supreme Court, we are thrilled that our state recognizes us as a couple. That was important to us before we started to work on having a family. I think it's important to remember that even though we may not agree with our neighbor, we should show unconditional love, respect and humanity to one another. We are all children of God and all different. That's what makes this world so beautiful. I hope we can rise above the fire storm that has happened in our state and come out a little wiser and a lot more inclusive.

3 favorite things about your house We love the location. We have complete urban living, right in the heart of Cameron Village, surrounded by parks, shops and restaurants. Another highlight is the outdoor courtyard. Dustin’s brother Chad Smith designed it and it’s a perfect entertaining space. We are often out by the fireplace hanging with friends and family. Lastly, we built the house together and its been a labor of love. This home will forever be special to us. 

Your favorite 3 things in your house The large Shaun Richards painting in our living room/ he is one of the most talented people we know and the painting has a lot of meaning to us. The Italian ceramic sculpted tiger head pot that we use as a planter /probably because we just got it ...so we’re dig’n it. The 300 year old gothic church gates that are the entrance to the courtyard/ they were Burton's moms and there is a crazy story that comes with them.


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