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snapshots from our trip to mexico

By 4/08/2016

for our travel guide to oaxaca, check out this post on the furbish blog, and to shop a few of our favorite finds, check out new arrivals on the site!

colorful streets of oaxaca

ladies at the loom in the market

yaas queens

a bright mexico city corner

tasseled blankets in the market

brunch in mexico city

the bar at our hotel, condessa DF in mexico city.  it was the perfect spot for walking to mercados, drinks and dinner (that's what we do, right?  eat, drink, shop - repeat).  great design, the rooms were simple, sleek and chic, and the breakfast was unbelievable.  def recommend staying here!

micheladas by the pool at the hotel in oaxaca

more yaas queens - so many instagrammable moments at the hotel.  it was picture perfect.  

cute magnets

huaraches from the market

the keep pile

pretty windows


otomis are sewn by hand in the market

some great blankets we brought back for the next flea

stacks of dresses we brought back

making friends

festive mexico city street

bright dish towels coming to furbish


it was impossible to choose!

the oaxacan skyline

we models

when shopping gets hard, get a michelada

by the book

bright colors everywhere

market finds

a special blue and pink otomi we brought back

spicy margaritas during happy hour in mexico city

one of the blouses we'll have at the next flea

lots more like this coming to raleigh
the gorgeous courtyard at quinta real in oaxaca

oaxacan wedding dresses

careful considerations

out hotel pool at quinta real


this color was everything

a much needed shopping break

street chips covered with hot sauce and salt!


  1. Gosh, so amazing! I hope you continue this lots of traveling and blogging it thing because it's really enjoyable!

  2. What's the type of camera? The color is so coool

  3. Gorgeous photos!

  4. You have my dream store, and now my dream job. Dayum ya, gurl!

  5. Your pictures are beyond cool!

  6. Great photos! This question might seem out of the blue but I noticed ice cubes in your drinks and I always heard not to drink the water in Mexico city. Has that changed?

  7. just passing by, your photos really should be in travel magazine. so amazing

  8. hi,
    i am going to mexico this summer, mexico city and yucatan, could you please advise me nice flea market as we see in your pictures ?
    thank you very much