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london called

By 3/21/2016

so we went. and did all the things as quickly as we could, the most exciting: a workshop at rita konig's flat where she walked us through the essentials of english decorating.

an overnight flight but there was no sleep to be had.  just 8 hours without wifi.  #WORSTLIFE

every corner of rita's flat was enviable, with artwork covering each wall, marianna kennedy lamps adding a pop of unexpected color, cheerful cachepots and an array of antique textiles

we stopped in the chiltren firehouse for brunch and fell in love with the hotel's perfectly english vibe
a pretty desk vignette from rita's bedroom flanked by voluminous, luxurious curtains
a gorgeous brunch complete with my obligatory benedict - we're obsessing over this burleigh china manufactured in england.

gallery wall inspiration for all.  rita encouraged us to not sweat the frames, even if it's something wretched you picked out in the 80s.  when it's all up together, it works, and tells the story of who you are (including your questionable design choices)
notoriously a fan of d. porthault linens, rita added some charm to her husband's study with a blue heart print mixed with vintage textiles and patterned wallpaper  rita strongly encouraged that guest rooms should do double duty - either as a study or library, and suggested that daybeds are a versatile choice for this often underused room in our house.
the tiny light-filled store of ben pentreath, where we picked up a few souvenirs 
our flat was a perfect example of the english's enviable decorating style: paired down chic
a visit to kit kemp's knightsbridge hotel for drinks, and inspiration

the wallpaper picks in her hotels are always spot on

rita's iconic quadrille-upholstered sofa that has made the move with her from two nyc apartments to her new london flat

the tile in the long hallway at our flat

lunch set up for us at rita's - it was delicious: soup, chunks of crusty french bread with salty butter, and the best stinky cheese.

a close up of the gorgeous colors from ben's store


  1. Gah, I bet your creative wheels were just-a-turnin. These pictures are everything!

  2. Jerk with unpopular opinions checking in! The guest room is cute, the dining room also cute...but that living room, tho. Tucked in plaid blanket over the couch, 1980s (but not in a cute way) teddy bear throw pillow, tacky dated looking glass lamp, barely anywhere for the eye to rest because the walls are caving in on you with frames, enough clashing colors to choke a horse. Are you sure you were at Rita's place and not her Nana's house??

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us little bits from your rita konig workshop! Also incredibly jealous that you got to go AND see her flat.

  4. Great pictures and bet there was a great time too. English decorating. Never thought that there are classes about.

  5. What lovely English design. The hotels I stayed in never looked so stylish. Thanks for sharing.

  6. How completely fabulous. If I didn't like you so much I'd be green with envy.
    Can't wait to see how you use your new English skills!