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a list

By 2/10/2016

things that are currently very important/stressful to me:

-getting status on american airlines
-finding a way to replace my left stella mccartney shoe that major ate
-do i eat too much salmon?
-my friend was diagnosed with cancer, but he'll beat it because he's tough
-getting zika in mexico?
-not weighing myself
-prowler is covered in mats, mostly in her undercarriage
-my boobs
-i can flip my eggs about 70% of the time. that leaves 30% disaster
-beyonce presale tickets


  1. Spot on! I'm stressing about maintaining my status on aa - I get you! Hugs to your friend - he's got this! In response to yesterday's post, your blog/insta account are top of my inspiration lists.

  2. OH don't care about salmon! it's perfet! haha

  3. I'm sorry about your friend. But I feel like your humor will be very helpful in the healing process. As for American, let them know you can shout them out big time on social media if they do you right.

  4. Lots of good vibes and prayers for your friend. I would eat salmon every day if i could...love it.