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weekend update

By 1/25/2016

hello internet.  we had a doozy of a sleet/snow storm here in raleigh this weekend.  it was billed as apolocalytpic, so we knew we were in for no less than 2-3" of snow.  which we got.  and time stood still - children sledded on patches of icey asphalt, the abc store at cameron village boasted a line out the door, moms in range rovers managed to skid off oberlin road into the median and school is still closed today because jonas was traumatic yal.

we were able to salvage the furbish flea for a bright shining moment on sunday.  i was overwhelmed with the turnout - and while i wish it was all highest compliments to me and my impeccable taste at choosing affordable yet stylish items, i think everyone just had major cabin fever and we made them feel like a teenage dream for a few hours in our warehouse oasis of heat and discounted pillows.

even without one of our biggest shipments that didn't make it on friday in time for the flea, we still had a ton of fun finds for shoppers and strong enough bloody marys for them to not to notice what was missing.

the long and short of it here is this: we're upgrading our headquarters for '16, and the flea was part of a master plan to 1) move less stuff to the new digs 2) bring a one-of-a-kind and inspiring shopping experience back to the fans of our downtown location  AND! 3) kick off the first of 4 fleas we'll be hosting each season in the new space!  

yup, our new spot will allow for office space for our growing team, shipping/receiving for e-commerce, a small showroom and event space for furbish fleas!

along with planning big sales, i'm also tossing around some ideas for our new conference room.  bright and bold, or bright and bold?

nevertheless, and also furthermore, i'm in dallas now and it's warmer here. i can't wait for this to come out, i desperately need a manicure and i listen to this four times a day.


  1. The flea was awesome and I just loved meeting you in person after following your blog for years and years! I am still dreaming of the pillows that I did not buy, but loving my pouf, candles, turkish towels, and heart print! Thanks for a great event and I am so excited to hear that it is going to be the first of four fleas!!