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from the slow cracked too small iPhone

By 1/11/2016

i'm just about ready to say screw it and get the elderly big ole iPhone. i know i won't be able to text with one hand, but i like the internet and it would be nice to have things larger. and more storage. because my phone is full again, and photos are headed over to the external hard drive, let's judge a few i think are worth seeing out.

the floor at the durham hotel
new bible
a few christmas treats
a screen capture from a great post by katie armour taylor
fools saying peace out to 2 0 1 5
the enviable instagram account of rebecca de ravenel
desktop mess, including a blue swirl planter
a sneak peek at union camp collective, opening here in raleigh late this month
my talented friend heather garrett's office
a sunday surprise myself - pink flowers
from our charleston pop-up (now closed) - a pretty mix of prints and an original painting by dorothy shain
a collection of my textiles - brainstorming for a table setting 


  1. Love that book. My husband and I just quit our jobs last week, bought an airstream rv, rented out our house, and set to explore 50 national parks in 52 weeks with our 4year old and 1.5 year old next month. YIP!