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The Real Raleigh : : Kelly Shatat

By 12/22/2015

Name Kelly Shatat
Occupation Founder and CEO of Moon and Lola

Who do you live with Mr. Monogram, ​my dog​, ​when he is not with my mom (we share custody​!​)
What’s your sign Cancer

Describe your style in 3 words Happy, Colorful, and On-Trend ​ (when I am not dressed in black head-​to-​toe like Johnny Cash)
What do you collect Ceramic animals and fun iPhone cases that show my mood for the day!

Favorite places to score finds for your home Well let me see... Furbish! I love Studio 123 and the Raleigh flea market as well!
Favorite piece of clothing right now M​y sparkle fringe cape from A​SOS!​

Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence Chanel/magazines
Favorite song right now Hotline Bling by Drake

A book you've read more than once The 5 love languages… It helps with all your relationships. Customers, your team, your family. Simple brilliance is why I love it!
Your favorite 3 things in your house My white leather sofa, my bed and my handbag collection​.​

What’s always in your refrigerator Carrots for the wild rabbits I feed in my backyard every night!
Favorite hotel The Raleigh hotel in Miami South Beach

One piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur Don’t do it. Just Kidding! Stay curious and celebrate the small and big wins!
What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year Live in the moment!

What are you most excited about wearing this winter Hats and Capes
Favorite place to buy clothes ASOS -hands down my go to!

Favorite place to get coffee in Raleigh The Morning Times
What’s your newest music discovery Cam - she is a new ​country artist. I ​really love rap but her lyrics make me love her.

What would people be surprised to learn about you I am obsessed with rap and rap videos. I love to note the nuances and trends they have in common.
What would you save in a fire Mr. Monogram and My Macbook Air

What’s really important to you right now Family, industry friends and the people that work with me! They have become my extended family and I want to them to know that!
The farthest you have been from home Hong Kong

Impromptu talent show - how do you win Jokes, people laugh at what I say a lot so I must be funny but I’m really not trying to be. I just have no filter!
If you were a boxer, what song would you walk out to Lose Yourself by Emine​m​

What surprises you about Raleigh All that it has to offer! I am actually one of the few born here in Rex hospital and have seen Raleigh grow so much! I feel like we live in the perfect size city! We have great restaurants, shopping, art and culture and have not lost the sweet simplicity of the south!

A clothing collection you wish you'd designed Delpozo. I love the Spring/Summer 2016 collection! Love the color​,​ tulle​,​ and sequins​.​

Who would you want to play you in your biopic Reese Witherspoon
Netflix obsession Iris and Advanced Style

Two things you love about your job Making people happy and getting to be creative everyday!

Favorite cocktail I like to keep it clean and simple just like my stores - vodka, water, with a twist of lemon and lime​.​
Top 3 things you attribute your success to hard work - work when your competition is sleeping! determination - make it your obsession! bravery - feel the fear and do it anyway!

Fool proof dinner party tip Take out! Fresh Market has great deli items and sweets that make you look like a five star chef to your guest!

What is your favorite restaurant Poole’s diner
What smell do you love fresh cut grass in the summertime

follow kelly on instagram at @kellyshatat


  1. I LOVE her style. One of my fav feautres so far. Those prints in her cloest... to die.

  2. I so enjoyed reading this!! I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly in Tennessee (during a tornado no less), and she is so precious. She is so authentic and gorgeous inside and out!! Beautiful home!! XOXO

  3. Great interview. Beautiful photos

  4. I love Kelly's style but especially her attitude, her positivity is infectious! DelPolzo, Five Love Languages, FRINGE, I have a girl crush :)