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weekend update

By 11/16/2015

i got real excited about jessica's manicure and had to get my own.  crystal at nail yeah made it happen.  mood changing polish and all.  go see her at 16 glenwood ave.

 friday at standard foods for inaugural friday leisure lunch club kickoff.

took it to the streets of durham friday night for the scout guide party at c21.  jarred was in town from hampden and we were feeling our pom poms and tassels.

 some important christmas stocking testing with brydie.

 ikat chair has 3 dog capacity.

i've been cooking breakfast on the reg, and lime tostitos tend to make their way in more often than not.  there are eggs in there, somewhere.

furbish was part of the walter magazine shopping spree thursday night.  we cozied up this corner with some christmas vibes.

just caught the donald trump snl.  sia killed it.  i shoulda been her for halloween.  and the justin bieber dancing girls.

i headed down to charlesotn yesterday to freshen up our pop-up in moon & lola.  did you know we're there through the end of the year?  stop in for gifts, gifts gifts!  putting out tons of new stuff today!

a pretty little moment w/ a guatemalan textile i borrowed from the store.  we still have a few of these left online and in the raleigh shop.  they're great for a table covering, to throw over a headboard or the back of the sofa, or for an upholstery project.  the neon colored embroidery is out of this world.

speaking of out of the world, here's a little update from dallas on this crazy dining room.  loving the bright coral and turquoise combo.

more of out-of-this-worldness from boho goddess supreme justina blakeney.  this cosmic desert wallpaper is spectacular.  i gotta have it.

and a good idea from simon's house interiors here in raleigh.  they're framing their room keys from recent travel.  love it.

i hope you spent your weekend watching this video.  if not, start now.


  1. Absolutely LOVE that cosmic desert wallpaper! It's so different, and different is good! That dining room decor from Dallas, just wow. So eclectic. Totally the type of dining room I would love to have! And thank you for sharing pictures and updates from your weekend. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Also, those textiles from Guatemala are stunning. My brother-in-law is from there, and he always brings us some textiles when he goes there. They make the most gorgeous table runners and place mats there. I can't wait to get more!
    Thanks for the great post!