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art ledges make life easier.

By 11/06/2015

i've got 99.7 problems, but not having enough art isn't one of them.

at furbish HQ, we're constantly rotating prints in that catch our eye, so rather than battling the cinder block walls with nails and such, we built picture ledges to maximize our display area, and minimize the headache of hanging. gallery walls are tough to wrap your head around.  you have to have enough artwork to start, plus leave room for a growing collection - all the while making a perfectly imperfect grid of sorts that looks like an organic but balanced shape.  ain't nobody got time for that.

ledges are simple to build, easy on the eyes and make displaying your favorite of-the-moment finds a breeze.   i particularly like displaying art this way because i can easily choose a piece for a styling project and it's no trouble to grab it and slide another frame over without disrupting the flow.

i added into our wall a few happy pieces from minted.com this week.   i like the idea of bringing in some frames that are bit different, some sizes that are smaller and more versatile and supporting independent artists!  it's fun to play around on minted's site because there are so many custom framing options and bright, vibrant works to choose from.

check out the 4 pieces i picked + a few more faves from minted.com below!