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you want thingamabobs? i've got twenty.

By 10/30/2015

we're having a fall back sale today and tomorrow - 15% off the entire site.  can you believe it's going to be november and dark and cold, and that's that?  buy something colorful.  i think it could help.

(these are new and pretty great)

november needs to be formative for me.  you know what i mean?  figure things out, come up with new things, get better, faster, stronger, kanye-things etc.  be hold me accountable for going to barre twice a week, not drinking and eating a copious amount, blogging at least 4 times a week, bathing my stinky dogs and possible getting a new car, ok?

i'm having a strong urge to casserole.  this one and this one are at the top of the list.

i didn't get to uber kittens yesterday, but i wanted to.

last night i caught up on scandal.  we were together for 4 months, at least, and then it was season 4, episode 22 and now i feel lonely.  i probably make about 6 scandal references a day, to which at least 6 people respond, WE DON'T CARE, but still, life is a lot like scandal.

this doodle was alf.

this also

well then.  that's your ramble for the morning.  go on 'bout yo business.  if you're a slutty witch tomorrow night, stay warm.