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behind the scenes

By 10/27/2015

anna got global with her weekend packing, pulling out one of her scores from guatemala, and our shruti embroidered bag.

i looked through some of my grandma's quilts for inspiration.  she started this one when i was born - it took her 3 years to make!

jessica made a cozy corner complete by adding our new teil duncan mediterranean print

lindsey, the newest addition to our team, and warehouse manager managed to find a pretty pink situation in the midst of all her packing.

tori topped off a mirrored console with our grey bone tray, flanked by a pair of splatter lamps.


  1. That quilt is AMAZING. You come from a very talented gene pool. Between that quilt and the little candy house your mom made a few years back, I'm not sure which is my favorite. I'm envious. :)