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antigua, guatemala - part 1

By 9/23/2015

you know we went to antigua over labor day, but you don't know how amazing the town was, how epic the shopping experience turned out, and how delicious the food tasted.  you don't know about the street dogs, the flavor of the local women, the beauty of the region or the freaking amazing tortilla chips that taste like bbq fritos.

so let me show you.  and if you're in raleigh, please come join us tonight at the store because i am really genuinely excited to share the things i brought back.  i guarantee just owning one small piece will make you feel lighter and brighter and ready to wander around the world yourself.

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three large volcanos dominate the horizon of antigua

an ideal spot for a long lunch
at the loom weaving huipils
choices weren't so hard because everything was amazing
the santa catalina arch, built in the 17th century
local women put our posture to shame
hand beaded jewelry at the market
gorgeous blooms flank every street
sorting through stacks in the local market
lunch at cactus with jess and gaby from stela 9
a lounging room at our hotel
making deals at the market
a perfect spot for lunch at sabe rico
traditional guatemalan fabric
fantastic food around every corner 
eye candy
a very antiguan moment
a pair of guatemalan parrots
we hit the streets early each day excited to for our next finds
an amazing view of the mayan ruins from the rooftop of tartine
a bright huipil - sold!
masses of wooden masks
wood carvings and masks adorning a cozy corner at sabe rico
our 'yes' pile
a shy/not so shy pair of mermaids
the best tortilla chips i've ever had, at cactus.  a mix between bbq fritos and doritos.  can you even?
the rooftop at our hotel
trying to lighten the load
an inspiring tiled staircase
before we were piled high with shopping bags
no need to worry - we brought back these worry doll necklaces


  1. This country is really colorful ! Your photos are really amazing.

    1. You're welcome to come to my lovely country!! ;)

  2. Spanish beaded jewelry is so cool. I'd love to see those doll necklaces up close.

  3. Hi! Glad you liked my country, specially Antigua. You're welcome to come whenever you want. I know more places to go if you want to come again. Love your blog! ;)