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the real raleigh: anna routh barzin

By 8/06/2015

Name Anna Routh Barzin
Occupation Photographer

Describe your style I don't think I can pinpoint one particular thing to describe my style, or any particular theme. I like unique pieces, and while I love color, I tend to keep the big items neutral. The same can be said for my wardrobe! I like investing in classic staples across the board, and then having fun with everything else.

You own a Photo Booth?! Not just any photo booth...Hot Dog! Photo Booth. It's a blast. I just have an obsession with taking pics in photo booths, so why not create one of my own so I can have endless access?!

Favorite movie Mean Girls

Favorite places to score finds for your home Furbish, of course! When I'm not drooling over everything at Furbish, I like to peruse Antique Malls for hours - it's my thing, my happy place. I love finding unique items and oddities to fill our tiny house with!

Impromptu talent show - how do you win Wiggling my ears

How's your plant game? Horrendous. So bad that I kill succulents...SUCCULENTS! How do you even do that?

Fool-proof dinner party tip Cheese tray upon arrival. So easy and always a crowd pleaser. I also love doing a signature cocktail!

Do you have any tattoos No - you're welcome, Mom!

Who do you live with My husband Amir and our June Bug pup!

Favorite piece of clothing right now I just bought a long, striped knit dress from Madewell and haven't taken it off since I got it. It's got a little stretch in it, so it's super comfy. I pretty much love everything at Madewell...so I have a lot of their pieces in my closet!

Favorite Book Harry Potter can't be beat.

What do you collect Matchbooks, cameras, bracelets, mugs. I love to remember the places we've been, and while I would just plaster my walls with photos from our life, I think collecting matchbooks and mugs from those locations is probably a more sane option

What's your favorite planet Earth! Because it has all the hot dogs, and I love hot dogs.

Last place you traveled I went to Portland, OR and Kansas City, MO last week for some shoots...but more interestingly I went to Istanbul (#furbishtravels!) and Paris in July.
What did you bring back Mugs and matchbooks of course to add to the collections, coffee from some delicious PDX coffee shops, rugs from Turkey (kilims on kilims on kilims), and macarons from Paris!

If you were a boxer, what song would you walk out to Anything Kanye, except that 808s and Heartbreaks album...WTF?

Guilty pleasure Cookie Dough Ice Cream

What's your next home project We are going to be painting the outside of our house and installing a porch swing soon. Also a new kitchen floor and custom drapes! So many projects...it never ends.

What's up with June your dog - why's she always creepin' She's cray. She is scared of everything, so she likes to stay close (unless she's shaking under the bed which is common too). We love her, but she's definitely an odd ball!

Favorite designers As mentioned, I believe in investing in classic staples, so lovely leather hand bags that will last years (I drool over Celine), beautiful black pumps (Manolo baby), and lasting denim (J Brand and Rag & Bone). As far as things I lust after, I would like to have all of the Isabel Marant shoes, and I would wear Chloe all day, all day. But, let's be serious, I still shop heavily at F21 and you already know I love Madewell. I also love shopping vintage for unique finds and steals!

What animal are you the most scared of?  Snakes...but also spiders...and pretty much anything creepy crawly.

Where do you want to travel next Amir and I have had Southeast Asia on our bucket list for a very long time...I think it may be time to tackle that one in the next year or so!

Where's your favorite place to spend a lazy Sunday morning in your home Right now...the couch. It's so hot all I want to do is stay inside, order Asian take out and veg on the couch watching True Detective. When it cools down, we love to sit on the deck, listen to music, drink mimosas...and eat Asian take out probably!

What do you always ask the DJ to play Beyonce

What's in your fridge on the reg Perrier. And white wine. Beverages all day...who needs food?

What would you save in a fire My cameras and our photos...after I save my June Bug of course.


  1. That swamp tray--I love it! Where did you get it, if you don't mind?!