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discovered - durham nc artist rachel campbell

By 8/03/2015

i was visiting friends last night who had several of durham painter rachel campbell's kooky oversized paintings in their home.

i was enamored right away and have already requested a studio visit to dig deeper into her work - i'm drawn to it's darkness, while seeming bright and cheerful.   it's got that touch of weirdness that makes you uncomfortable, and that's one of my favorite places to be.


  1. Hi there,

    I just stumbled onto your post from another page while trying to find awesome bloggers to follow for inspiration! I opened your page and was instantly intrigued and drawn in.

    Then i looked at this post and I saw at the bottom corner of one of the paintings it says 'waihi NZ', I am from NZ and i felt it a confirmation sign that you are definitely one to follow for me