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did you help a cat today?

By 6/27/2015

just a reminder, national adopt-a-shelter-cat is drawing to a close, and you can be part of the building better lives adoption drive by helping a friend like these guys i met at the wake county SPCA find a home.  just share your rescue cat story on twitter, instagram or facebook with the hashtag #MyRescueStory and purina cat chow will help subsidize an adoption fee for a shelter cat with every post.

lego is a lynx and siamese mix who enjoys pouncing, causal relationships with dogs, and sunbathing.

chloe loves climbing, general to specific lounging activities and judging things from a window perch

theo and reagan are the social chairs at the shelter, and would enjoy living with other feline friends

franz loves to chat about your day, meowing at all the appropriate times, and will always lend a paw when you need one

you can find these guys at the SPCA in wake county - a facility that purina cat chow has recently helped makeover. lego, chloe, theo, franz and reagan are now enjoying new climbing structures, cat walks, cat wheels and perches and updated catios to help them show off their personalities and keep them happy while awaiting adoption, with the ultimate goal of decreasing their stay at the shelter.


  1. Thanks so much for highlighting shelter pets! They are the best!