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a collector's home

By 6/15/2015

i visited my uncle in alexandria this weekend - he owns the venerable market square shop in old town - and after two glasses of prosecco, i couldn't stop myself from snapping a few shots in his home to share.

it tickles me when i walk into a home and realize a collector lives there.  i think interesting people inevitably have interesting homes, and their collections - the small things they chose to keep and live with, everyday - are the most telling and intimate way to get a snapshot of a life well-lived.

when appreciating a collection, you can instantly tell a few things about the owner:

they cared enough to bring a shell home from every vacation (a traveler, they notice, they appreciate).

they choose to surround themselves with books (they're curious, current).

they have a sense of humor about the things they deem decor (they're witty, intelligent, they don't take things too seriously).

a collection of matchbooks (they're nostalgic, social, they're metropolitan).

live plants (they nurture, they cultivate, there's a sense of refinery).

things tell stories, collections show character and decorating is a dimension of yourself.

the collections in your home should be the truest reflection of your passion.  they can be edited, and some may seem more relevant at times than others, but hold onto the little things that accumulate in life, and display them.  in cabinets, on tables, in bowls and baskets, beside the bed and on the desk - layers of experience, people and places.

put them out -- at least for me, because when i'm over for champagne, i couldn't be more delighted to wander through your treasures, and understand what makes you tick.