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i had a birthday and here's what i know.

By 5/21/2015

i celebrated a big birthday this week.  and i feel pretty fine about it, all in all.

after a certain few decades and a half of living, i've learned that some things just work for me.  they're what i do, and who i've become.

  • i do my hair now.  every morning.  i get it did and dyed, often, and i do my part daily.  i feel much better in the morning if i start out with good hair on my side. 
  • i workout regularly - at least three times a week.  pilates.  it's my thing.  it changed the game.
  • i splurge on vacations.  i stay in the nice hotel.  i get the bigger room.  i order a glass of champagne, and room service.  i go with my friends.  i go with brian meares.  and sometimes i go by myself.
  • people will come and go, but if you have 5 you can call when things go sideways, you're doing great.
  • i have a house keeper.  it's worth my sanity to have someone fight the good fight with me.
  • i get up early now.  like 7am early.  and i get a lot of shit done.
  • i go to therapy once a week.  it's great to pay someone to listen to you talk about yourself.  
  • i get things waxed.  puts a little spring in your step.
  • i still act like a fool about quarterly at the bar.  and dance inappropriately.  and have the best time doing it.
  • it's ok to sometimes appreciate the planning more than the executing, and the fantasy more than the reality.
  • i love trends.  enjoy them while they're in, and then onto the next.  what's fun about staying the same?
  • but i did buy a nice classic sofa that should last a while.
  • if you tell people you're going to make something happen, even it you're not sure how, it's more likely it will.
  • i know that life won't turn out how you thought it should, or would.  and that's the most exciting thing in the world.


  1. Happy birthday! I love your list, lots of great things here.

    I love the one about telling people you're going to make something happen, share those dreams.

    So good!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. It's an amazing, touching, awe-inspiring list.

  3. Well, happy birthday! This made me smile big.

  4. Happy Birthday for yesterday!!


  5. To my fellow Gemini, happiest of birthdays!!
    I have just a few years on you, and I am learning a lot of the same lessons. Feels good to have some shit together, while knowing that I'm not boring enough to have it ALL together;)
    Happy Birthday, Lady. Much love!

  6. Hope you had a great birthday! XO

  7. Love this...all women should live like this

  8. happy happy day! Wow, I can't believe you're 25 already!!! And I've been stalking you 5 of those years. You've inspired me more than you'd comprehend. Really. xoxo

  9. Happy Birthday! Loved this post :)

  10. how in the heck do you afford all of this therapy, pilates, housekeeper, waxing, vacations w luxuries, etc? i couldnt' dream of living that well...happy birthday, you are blessed and lucky.