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a week in charleston

By 5/11/2015 ,

things have been extrahectic here in raleigh, so i'm late reporting on my goings and doings of recent times. i apologize. man life is hard sometimes, agreed?

jessica and i spent a week in charleston - we did the southern c summit, still my very favorite conference in all of the land, and a bit of charleston insiders weekend.  as always, i was southern charmed by the city and told everyone there i'd have a store on king street by christmas.   just secreting that out into the universe so it can form a plan for me. cosmos take the wheel.

bikes at zero george
rainbow colors at roberta roller rabbit on king street
the top that wouldn't stop.  suno from hampden clothing
the models from the suno show at hampden were fiercer than a fox.  a fleet of foxes.
a favorite king street shop, croghans jewelry, rightly encourages us to use our silver more.
rickshawing around with my roomies lauren and jessica
if i had a diary i would've gone home and written that this night in tara guérard's garden was a true pinch-me moment - one of those where i stopped several times to quietly acknowledge my gratitude for being including in such an amazing group.  and i would've added a lisa frank unicorn glitter sticker.
speaking of groups, this was a stellar one.  blairhannahchassity, me and my knees.
i went searching for inspiration and found it at eclectic - a boutique in mt. pleasant full of colorful eye-candy.
so bright and just right.
a little derbydoo at the wentworth mansion - lindsey fleege sips an icey julep 

this outfit is by pepin.  now you know.
zero george is now serving dinner, and here's the man who makes it happen.
i found my benedict and ate it too.  breakfast at poogan's porch
a stolen moment to snap this attractive scene from tara's house
bloody mary's in the back at tara's with danielle prescodtara guérardjackie thompsonhannah danahey, logan sykesjessicalandon clements, my forehead and me.
we found our happy place in the courtyard at zero george, camped out on this daybed with a bottle of rose and the internets.
cozy corners at zero george 

derby divas elle mcnevinlindsey fleege, me and my romper, rhett croghanchassity and jessica.  it is beyond me why we're doing that weird squatty thing?

i horsed around and lost all my money on these losers.
from the evening-meant-for-a-diary, me and my arm, lizzie fortunatostacey smallwood, jessica, kathryn fortunato


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  3. great pics!


  4. you and jessica are just about the cutest things ever. now come bring that store to dallas, dammit!

  5. Glad the knees, forehead, and arm had a smashing time. Also secrete out a Furb dervish in Cincy because, well, Cincy could use a major dose of the mix. #onenotewonder

  6. Everything before my eyes very beautiful

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  8. so so fun! I swear every single thing you wear is FAB.. While youre puttin stuff out there lets go ahead and bring Furbish to the Cali!!

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  10. Amazing :)

    Just wrote my first blog.Hope you people like it :)
    - http://tahuradnan.blogspot.com/2015/05/life-experience.html

  11. I'll be attending this year and I'm so excited! Hope to meet you there in person!

    Erin, Attention To Darling Blog