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the stanbury

By 2/03/2015

the stanbury is my favorite restaurant in town, and unfortunately, it's also everyone elses. if you can manage a reservation, you're solid for a special evening of craft cocktails, a half-way hipster vibe that doesn't feel poured on, and what the new york times dubbed 'the most exciting food being served in raleigh right now'.

brian meares found a favorite dish that does double duty: scooped right out of the bone, the stanbury's rich and fatty marrow is enjoyed in the restaurant, and later the bones become a craze-inducing extravagance for our dogs that keeps them occupied for days.  my go-to is the flavorful tagliatelle pasta, changed seasonally to accommodate fresh ingredients.   the cheeseboard never disappoints- delicious thick slices of grilled sourdough accompanied with the stinkiest of artisan locally-sourced cheeses, and the swordfish crudo is fresh-to-death, spiced up with fresh jalapeno.

the open kitchen keeps the space lively, and the bar is always bustling with neighbors who are content to grab a stool for dinner.

we recently enjoyed an evening at the stanbury celebrating with leah, my former store manager, over the completion of her mba and a position with a new company.

photos by gary meyer


  1. Looks like a great place to have a meal and meet with friends! I would be fine eating at the bar.

  2. I read about this place in Walter Magazine and have been wanting to try it out ever since. Glad to hear it delivers on the hype! Jenn at East Meets South

  3. Very cool.