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inside the mind of a maniac

By 11/12/2014

i don't know - i'm just in the weird place between i love pinterest because it has all of my favorite ideas and inspirations and reminds me to dress like ashley olsen and an angrer version of olivia palermo, and it has recipe ideas so i can pretend to be a wife-thing to brian meares and it just has a lot - but, i really want to have all this mess in front of me so i don't have to scroll my life away and i can see it all at once. like IN A NOTEBOOK.

THIS IS REVERSE PROGRESS. the internet just exploded.

but not really a notebook, because it's still not all together. i want walls and walls of whiteboards. a house of whiteboards (people in whiteboard houses shouldn't throw ideas away) and cork boards with a never-ending supply of thumbtacks b/c i can't find any when i need them.

i have these things, but I WANT MORE. i want everything i could possibly use in a decorating project right in front of me. i'm thinking tom cruise minority report style.

i suppose that's what i'm supposed to do with my brain. but it's busy with other things, not thinking.

i have this setup in my office (this is 10 feet tall), and there are smaller versions of this, but i need it on a UN scale. i need a control room like on homeland. or armegeddeon, or war games, or hunger games! because decorating is a lot like monitoring when a meteor might hit.

right now it's (meaning inspiration, swatches, lamps, catalog pages, large pom poms) everywhere. on walls. on pinterest. in notebooks. in my brain. in jessica's brain. on my desktop (shield your eyes if clutter upsets you).

there are my secrets. all out there.

the point of this rambling (there is no point) is that there are things i need access to visually and they look so nice lined up all together that i have to do this every once in a while just to make sense of it all.  see?  (here's the money shot - pretty things.  you can quit reading now).
fish, cows, kilims, how's a girl to think?

i don't know, i just don't know.  so many pretty things and my brain is too small to hold them.  maybe if i love them enough and let them go, they'll come back to me when they're supposed to.


  1. You are right - Internet explodes! With all these social networks, inspiration is everywhere! I love pinterest, there I can find everything i need - from good and delicious recipe to new ideas for my work.

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  2. I think this is why i could never be a decorator.....I like to have ALL my options in front of me but with decorating a room, there are so many things to decided on and it would (has) overwhelm the poop out of me. This is why I DO like pinterest...if I am looking for a recipe, i pull that board up and BAM, there are my options. I have a workshop and I have dedicated a small area of one of the walls to all things that inspire me and make my heart melt. Visual images keep me going. :)
    The internet has exploded. I limit myself to 5 blogs, pinterest and the occasional visit to my FB page.

  3. Well bless your heart, you adorable little maniac.

  4. This is awesome to me! I feel the same way, there are just so many things to choose from... but being a designer, you win because there's always the next project to work on!

    x Lily

  5. I feel you! My husband is super type-A and any sort of bulletin board upsets and overwhelms him…whereas I could have every wall and ceiling covered in cork.

    So, yeah.

  6. Can we talk about how hot crazy Cruise looks in the photo? Dayum. Am I off topic?

  7. nice blog. quite successful in pictures :)

  8. Hahaha! This is exactly how I feel, too, but you win Desktop Crazy Award. <3