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By 10/16/2014

i'm not asking you to start thinking about holiday tables, but i am.

we can ease into it, with this table setting i worked on at the at the school of styling.

my favorite are the brass gem objects.  it's so hard to find a little something to make the table special without overcommitting and becoming totally impractical, so i like that these are visually light, but still sculptural and shiny.  also great for a mantel, coffee table, or chic vignettes anywhere in the house, they can show up where you need them - the ultimate styling piece.

ginger jars are easy for centerpieces, especially a smaller one.  short enough to see over, classic, and quirky paired with unexpected blooms.   we'll be getting more in stock soon for the holidays.

gold flatware says you mean business.  period.

blue and white plates in graphic patterns are easy to collect - try west elm for the great dotted ones, we have some cute ones at furbish.  anthro too.  i always grab basic white plates at pier 1.

we know i love a tassel and a pom, so save them a seat at the table.  we have a great blue and white runner in the store, and i'm working on a christmas table situation that's going to include this guy.  think more ginger jars, quirky neon grandma florals, pink and red striped candles and staffordshire dogs for everyone.

i think crystal keeps the situation from feeling too trendy.  it says you haven't completely lost your mind.

it's what i do.  you should too!

photos by emily march


  1. I know that being this effortlessly cool looking must take a lot of thought, but gosh this is bohemian mastery. My dining room place setting looks like a 90 year old did it by comparison, and just one week ago I was proud of it!: Blue Willow Dining Room

  2. that's very kind of you to say - going to check yours out!

  3. AWESOME! I love the color combinations :) I haven't visit this blog before, but I'll definitely stay tuned!

    x Kia

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