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going green with valspar reserve

By 10/29/2014

i love a clean slate, and we all know i love a guest bedroom.

i teamed up with valspar reserve paint to take this bland beige bedroom to the next level with a moody dark green makeover.

valspar reserve features exceptional color matching technology, so i was able to take a swatch of our anchor fabric to my local lowe's and create a perfect match to compliment the green in the print.  it matched to valspar leafy rise, a gorgeous green that fits the room perfectly.

when designing a room from scratch, i always choose the paint color last.  here's why: a design is like a puzzle, and each piece, from the prints and patterns, to the colors and finishes, needs to fit together to tell a story.

a vintage fabric may be one-of-a-kind ... an antique chest may have a weathered patina ... and a handpainted lamp could be an inky indigo that can't be duplicated.  these pieces are unique, and together, create the perfect mix of layers that lend authenticity to a design, so they should always come first.

no matter what you come up with, having these special selections in place ensure your design is a reflection of your life.  whatever the mix, you can count on valspar to have a color that will tie the design all together.  it may take years to hunt for the perfect treasures to complete a room, but finding a paint color to coordinate from the over 3,000 colors in the valspar library is a cinch.

my inspiration images for the room, once we had made our selections, all included sultry greens with bright pops of white -

after selecting a fabric for a custom headboard, gorgeous navy grasscloth dressers, marblelized light blue lamps,  custom drapes and a white bamboo dresser, i went to my local lowe's with my swatches and was able to find a custom match for the green in the headboard - and voila, we started painting!

valspar reserve with hydrochroma technology means that you get super-strength pigments that deliver deeper, more vibrant color.  a bedroom is just the place for deep moody color - you'll feel wrapped in a cocoon!
what a difference a coat makes!

check back in a few weeks as we complete the design with the install of all those special pieces i mentioned. now that our slate is green we're ready to build a beautiful room!

this post is sponsored by valspar and valspar reserve is available exclusively at lowe’s.


  1. Love those inspiration pieces. It's so funny that you chose the paint color last. I tend to do the same thing, but I think most people pick it first. I agree you have to wait until all of the other pieces come together. When you decide though, it does make a huge impact!

  2. Would love to choose a really cool color for my walls, but I also really like white. haha

  3. What a fab room - I can't WAIT to see it finished :-) You know - that room might need an ooh-la-lah chandelier, though, like one of the inspiration pic's!!

  4. love your inspirations. great blog!
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  5. Great post and very educational. Now I want to repaint my guest bedroom i've been working on!! :}