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By 9/08/2014

ashley harris owns vermillion, my go-to boutique in raleigh when i need something fierce, fabulous and fast.  sure you can order all the big brands online these days, but there's nothing quite like having a specially curated shop in town where you can stop in and try things on, see them in person, chat with a stylist who can help you create a look that's tailored just for you, and walk away with an outfit for a special event the very same day.  ashley's picks are spot-on - she carries all the labels that count, plus a treasure trove of hard-to-find emergent designers, artisan jewelry, and uber-chic designer handbags.

we had a such an amazing morning last week visiting the shop and trying on some of the looks ashley has in for fall.  from isabel marant to figue, balenciaga and rag & bone, to alexander wang and wes gordon, ashley found something for each of us that made us feel runway-ready.  alina, leah, jessica, tori and i all fell in love with just about everything we tried - from the hats to the shoes and everything in between.  check out the q&a with ashley after the photos.

years in business

number of employees

where do you find inspiration

what gets you most excited about getting out of bed in the morning
the thought of what fabulous item will sell today and to whom.

name the culture of your business in three words
friendly, relational, classic

making money or helping people?
both! and that truly means success to me.

favorite place to travel
winter park florida but china changed my life.

what scares you the most (in biz or otherwise)
the need to never sit still.

mentor in your field
lucie jordan-buying office out of NYC.  friend and mentor.  been through a lot personally and professionally and she's still passionate and fabulous!

three most important characteristics of an entrepreneur
calculated risk taker, passionate about what they are promoting

what is your current state of mind?
content, happy, tired

why does your business work?  to what do you attribute your success?
relationships with my clients, designers and team.

which words of phrases do you most often overuse?

work hard or work smart?
I used to say work hard play hard but after 10 years I've changed my tune and think work smart BUT it takes 10 years to be able to actually feel that.

your biggest extravagance
at the moment i am pining over a wes gordon cashmere full length coat with detachable collar in army green.  it will be mine!  also vintage and fine jewelry collections - i recently treated myself to the woods large chain necklace with diamond encrusted antler.

one piece of advice you'd give a prospective entrepreneur
work in your industry for at least 5 years before going out on your own.  when you go out on your own work hard and know that the confidence will come with each year you are in business.  one morning you will wake up and say maybe i do know what i am doing.

what are your thoughts on failure?
It has to happen to grow and learn.  Not fun while its happening but so thankful for the lesson in the end.

what one word do you want to own in the mind's of your customers, employees and partners?
attainable - bringing the best designer clothing to them…and myself, personally being attainable to them

favorite spots in raleigh
i've recently discovered person street bar.  i love to dine in all the amazing restaurants in raleigh…. at the moment i am a big fan of capital club 16, mandolin, kim bap, stanbury, garland and any of ashley christensen's restaurants.
i can always get into trouble at furbish, la maison, bailey and scott and progeny 

if you have any questions about the items shown, you can call vermillion for more info at (919)787-9780 or email info@vermillionstyle.com 

photos by gary meyer


  1. Talk about some fabulous statement pieces! I love the dress you chose! It was perfection with your hair!

  2. y'all are sexy. that's all.

  3. the long red dress....shut up.
    and the white dress with the greek keyish detail......i.need.it. is it crazy $$$$$?

  4. so much fun! love these features you are doing now.

  5. This place looks like such fun!!

    x Lily

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  7. What a great place! Stunning collection. This long red dress is to die for.
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  8. That looks like a fun day! Wish i lived near raleigh!!

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