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resort ready

By 4/15/2014 ,


our friend chassity just got back from the dunmore - yes, her and quinn hung out! here's her must-haves for vacation.
tote // chambray tank // white tank // coverups //  swimsuit // sandals // lemlem top // camo shorts // cut-offs // necklace // sunglasses

check out her post on the trip for more eye candy like this:

and ashley, from xo smash got her goodies together for us.  check out her instagram for lots of great outfit inspiration and snaps from her travels.

read about her trip to carmel (one of my favorite places!) and check out more pics like this one here

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  1. Life is a mix of colours- I love the mix of colours in your posts!


  2. The link for the sandals sends you to the chambray tank. I'd really like to know where they are from.

  3. Aw hey this is lovely - thank you :)

    And kelly they're from Hampden Clothing!

  4. beautiful pictures!


  5. Beautiful purple flowers field in the. We really romantic.

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  7. Looks seriously relaxing!

    x Lily