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if you're gonna get it, get it now, by all means - black friday and cyber monday deals

By 11/29/2013

so here's how i look at it: those things you know you need (cough, cough -- uggs.  yes, i need a new pair, and i waited until black friday to get them b/c i can't stomach paying full price for something i'm so ashamed of), this is the time to buy them.  staple items: great denim, classic tops, go-to jewelry, investment shoes and trendy items that are sure to stick around through the new year.  here are my picks for the friday and monday sales -- you need all this stuff regardless, so why not get a deal?

black toothpick jean // grey toothpick jean // distressed toothpick jean
harrow booties
a. wang tee black // white // charcoal
colorblock coat // stadium coat // pink coat
necklace // necklace // necklace
ag legging jeans // ag cigarette jeans
newbury booties // flats
kiss tee // merci tee // blah tee
red blouse // floral blouse // colorblock blouse
earrings // necklace // bracelet // earrings // necklace // bracelet
chambray // sweatshirt // plaid // equipment
leather jacket // slippers // earrings // rings // boots // skirt


  1. Oh my. These beautiful shoes. I like them

  2. hese beautiful shoes. I wish it was mine

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