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get low.

By 8/07/2013

hello friends.  let's catch up.

it's thursday.  i am going to vegas tomorrow.  lord help, i know i am too old for rompers and pool time and getting bottle service while lil jon guest DJs, but i'm going to do it anyway.

i think these will help the situation immensely.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

do you have any advice about beachy waves texturizing hair type sprays?  i got this one b/c amber told me too, and it works just fine, but damn if it isn't in a glass bottle, and who puts hair product in a glass bottle that's used in a bathroom with tile floor?  i've broken 3 bottles.  break 3 shame on sephora, break 4 shame on me for being the idiot who bought a fourth bottle.

are you watching this season of newsroom?  i've never stood up and clapped so many times watching a show.  literally - by myself.  ovating the ipad.  ovating?  sort of like ovulating.  jeff daniels sort of makes me ovulate, a little.   alison pil, however, does not - at all.

it's such a great time to buy a house in raleigh.  our good friends just bought the cutest little house right across the street from us.  going in an empty house gives me the decorating fever - i can't stop wallpapering things in my mind.  and building built-ins.  i love a good built-in.  case in point:

i re-redded my hair yesterday.  it's crazy-person red this time.  i hope it lasts awhile - the last one faded into an angry ginger who maybe walks dogs for a living and wears old navy work-out pants all day and facebooks a lot situation.  it wasn't the look i was going for.
specifically, it's no secret jane aldridge was my inspiration.  just a little red hair, and this 20 year old and i are basically indistinguishable.  right?

my furbish posse is headed to nyc next week for general to specific things - anything we need to know about or try?  we like food, pools, dog spotting and inspirational shopping destinations.  we're excited about staying at the king & grove in williamsburg (pool!).

do you know who nails product round-ups better and gooder than anyone else in the blogplanet?  gabby does.
aren't these just the prettiest?  just go look for a while.  i'd buy one of each.  two, even.

you know what i just discovered?  these ladies.  and then i followed them on instagram (here and here).  and now i know what i want to be when i grow up.

there we go.  i'll be back monday night.  wish me luck!


  1. Love a good built in.
    I love the beach spray that JCrew is selling. Kind of expensive but works for my fine curly hair when I want it to have more of a textured look.

  2. RE: beach waves, this, all day, all the time:


    Not only is it the best (and I'm a Californian who often has real-deal ocean mist up in her face), the packaging is just so delightfully refreshing. Do it.

  3. I enjoy your description of the Old Navy ginger. Have you tried the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray? It's my favorite.

  4. you are the bootie queen.

    super emotional, whining liberals is my least favorite thing, but newsroom is a good show. i really can't get over how good jeff bridges is in it, i mean, i would have never thought of him as sexy, but he makes it happen. alison pil...there are no words to describe her.

    have fun in vegas!

    PS| Summer

  5. Have you tried bumble & bumble surf spray? You are too cool to be too old and those boots?! Amazing!

  6. I third the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray... it's good.. been using it for years.

  7. I just found the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray at Ulta and I love it. Plus they have travel size bottles so you can try it out before you commit to the full size.

  8. Love black rompers, never too old! As for the beachy hair, my go-to is simply mixing water and sea salt and spraying a little bit in. I heard adding some green tea into the mix is beneficial as well!

    Have fun!!

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    >>>> MadeByGirl.com

  9. Whew! Love the whole post. I use Bumble & Bumble beach spray. It comes in a convenient travel size so that is pretty delightful especially if you want it for Vegas/NYC. I too am *obsessed* with the Newsroom and can't listen to anyone that says this season isn't as good. As far as the hair, SHOW US THAT WEAVE! As far as NYC, you should hit up the flea market if you'll be here on the weekend. I can never get enough!

  10. Jamie, you just made my week!! Thanks so much for the shout out. Oh and you'll love the King & Groves in Brooklyn. I stayed at the one in Montauk and I'm sold on the chain.

    Enjoy Vegas!


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  13. just one word.... "NICE"

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