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bookcase of the day

By 7/11/2013


  1. i wish i had a space to do something like that!

  2. True Hockey fans, I know it blows about the whole Coyote thing, but you must know this...NEVER GIVE UP AT ALL! Where there's a way, there's a will.

    This thing is far from over and we can end it long before five years are up by reuniting millions and working on the Coyotes downfall instead of whining and doing nothing.

    First, not everything has been approved, and the Coyote owners have until August 5th to get everything approved or else!

    Despite what the Goldwater Institute said recently. there is one thing that would get them to go after them anyway...


    Donation money that is. With billions of us true hockey fans out there, we can each spare a ton of money to donate to Goldwater.

    Here's a link (to copy and paste) below:


    In the upper right corner is a link where you can donate money to Goldwater in order to stop the Coyote thing RIGHT NOW instead of waiting five years. Make sure you tell Goldwater that they did a great job stopping Hulsizer a couple of years ago and that the current deal is no different than the one out there right now. I'm already gathering money up to send there way.

    Also, don't forget about:


    These guys have downgraded Glendale's bond rate before (as mentioned in the article at the link above) and they can certainly do it again! Please contact Moody's like I plan on doing and show them your support for the continuing of Glendale's bonds being downgraded.

    And finally:


    This man is trying to start a movement in order to stop this horrible Phoenix Coyote deal once and for all. Please show him your support and help him anyway you can.

    Copy and paste this message to other websites as often and frequent as possible. Together we can end this boondoggle and get the Coyotes into Canada where they belong!

  3. Oh my goodness if only I had an empty wall in my room....one day!

  4. Waht a artful combination of bohemian and classic elements. Like!

  5. Oh I want this. This could be my dream office.

  6. Soooo beautifull!


  7. a lovely room <3

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  9. Hi can I send in a picture of my bookcase? It's cute! You can contact me on my blog avonleadreamer.blogspot.ae

  10. More like bookcase of my life!

    I love it!


  11. I definitely want to do something like that in my bedroom, kind of a DIY project but in a brushed nickel.
    Love yours, very beautiful!

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  12. This is my favorite type of look! I LOVE this. It looks collected, funky but still traditional.
    ~Mary Keller

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