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new collaboration: brian paquette

By 6/24/2013

this week on furbish, we're launching a new collaboration with one of my favorite designers, brian paquette. he's selected his go-to picks for statement lighting and giving us some tips on how to use them in his signature style. brianpaquette_blogpost_r2 it's clear that brian's a master of the mix - old with new, rugged with fancy, and pared down with a side of fluffy warmth. his special touch is texture - you can tell his rooms are carefully curated to give a comfortable, lived in feel, always with a touch of shiny to make the space sparkle. we're proud to have a few of our furbish lamps featured in his most recent projects.


be sure to check out all of his picks featured on our home page this morning!


  1. I "discovered" Brian through you and I am now a HUGE fan of his!!! I absolutely love his design aesthetic. So excited to see Furbish teaming up with him!

  2. I absolutely love that ikat lamp! Faboo!!!!

  3. I love the colors and interior eye candy. Please post some info about how to shop vintage. I really think it's an art but have yet to see any forums about how to tackle it.

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  5. Love how he mixes the different styles.