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By 6/13/2013

i discovered teil duncan's work, and i'm obsessed.

brian meares and i are headed to california next week for a wedding in santa barbara, a romp with this crazy lady and her fam, and a few days in big sur.  i think i'm going to wear this to the wedding but have concerns about what shoes.

i'm considering this craft for staying occupied during my travels

my new favorite thing ever is this donkey pinata snow globe.  i mean, who doesn't need a snow globe?  it's so versatile.

is that a gardenia bush, inside?  because i want that.  i planted a little gardenia when we moved in seven years ago, and now he's big and happy and for a few weeks a year i get to bring a few blooms inside and nothing is better.

we've got so much great bedding in at the shop that our bed is getting redressed almost daily.

do you think one day i'll just step out of the trailer at the farm looking like this?
i have serious doubts.

100 ways to wear cutoffs, because this is important to know.

beach this weekend with friends.  going to try out this recipe for pomegranate margs.  yum

ps: follow furbish on pinterest for more great inspiration and way too many cat things.  and me too, with less cats.


  1. This is one of my favourite posts. Always love the bedding!

  2. Have so much fun in Big Sur. It is beautiful there. Make sure to eat at the Big Sur Bakery and grab a cocktail at Post Ranch Inn.

  3. This donkey pinata snow globe is so cute!!!!!!
    And I love this gorgeous picture from Teen Vogue, just pinned it :)

  4. I've been dying for that painting! Need it! And that bed is everything to me!

  5. Love Teil Duncan's work as well. I have been eyeing her pieces for too long now! We wrote about her a little while ago on our blog.

    www. Southlandavenue.blogspot.com

  6. Love Tibi. Re: shoes. Snake print is your friend!

  7. minha mae tambem faz bordado iqual a foto acima achei legal

  8. Where did you get the cross stitch pattern?

  9. Gardenias can be kept inside, but go for the variety with smaller flowers. For some reason, they last longer than the larger variety (indoors). Love this post and love Big Sur. Have fun.

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