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weekend updates

By 3/18/2013

hi yal. let me share what i've been up - how about it?

keila and i went to atlanta to do some buying for the shop take a grand eating tour of the city. highlights included dinner at the optimist where the fish options on the menu were delightfully overwhelming, the oysters salty and thick, and the cocktails perfectly prepared. photo(84)

we hit up west egg twice for breakfast - it was just that good. if only raleigh could get together a concept and menu like that.  IF ONLY (i am putting this out in the universe: please someone open a pretty and tasty restaurant in raleigh).  delicious lattes, spicy bloody marys and crispy buttered biscuits. we lingered, and lingered some more. photo(85) photo(74) photo(65)

we dined at jct kitchen one evening, and it didn't disappoint: scrumptious salads slathered in ranch dressing (you know that joke about how to get a southern girl to do a dirty deed..., well, the ranch was that good), a delicious old fashioned with a root beer spin and collards soaked in vinegar. we managed to have a lovely time despite the 7 frat boys sitting beside us in long sleeve button-ups every color of the paas easter egg rainbow who ordered a bottle of white wine for the table. i mean, really?

speaking of fine dining, how about this room service menu at our hotel for pets? photo(64)

we spent some time at ann mashburn (more to come later in the week on that!) and our favorite general store, star provisions. photo(63)

buying for the store was a success. we powered through and ended up with some great new finds. oh you know we've got some of these coming photo(73)

i grabbed some pretty trims for client projects photo(76)

i came home inspired, and as luck would have it, found a delivery of rugs at our house. 
prowler loves a stack of kilims.

before loading them up to take to the store, i tried one out in our kitchen. it's been needing something. photo(77)
i think we'll live with it for a while

brian meares picked a few pretty camellias from the backyard for me, and i clipped branches to add some spring in our step.
photo(80) photo(81)

i ran by the store to see these new chairs we got in while i was gone,

and motivated by the inspiration board in the russell and hazel showroom in atlanta, photo(68)

i finished up our new one by the checkout counter in the shop. photo(83)

i also gave this brunschwig & fils fabric a spin as a possible lampshade in the living room. living with that a while as well.

i hope you had a great weekend - it feels like spring doesn't it!


  1. What's the price of these rugs?? Love!!!

    1. They're all online! Furbishstudio.com

  2. Want to share that ranch dressing joke with us yankees?;)

    Speaking of "up North", we're still freezing. Grrrr....and no flowers for several weeks! Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. Great post Jamie and kinda made me homesick for Atlanta. Look forward to hearing more about the fabulous Ann Mashburn and am loving your Caitlin connection! She is so wonderful. xo Frances

  4. Ummm all of your eats look delish...and your kitchen looks fab!! I love that all of the flowers are starting to bloom so I can do some zhushing inside!

  5. Seriously?? Friggin obsessed with all of these pictures!!!

  6. I love the upbeat and optimistic air that you write with! You seem like such an affable person

  7. Love these Ikat rugs so much!! Gorgeous blog!

  8. Ahh, love, love, love that striped chair, just gorgeous!


  9. Yes, I agree! Please share the southern girl/ranch dressing joke...i've been googling it all night and can't find anything :)!!!

  10. Loved the rug and that stripped chair..:)

  11. love that striped chair!!! missing the southern weather. it's 18 today in chicago...yikes!

  12. That floating marble(?) desk is soooo cool!

  13. you have really beautiful house :)

  14. you have really beautiful house if that´s is you´re house :D

  15. Where is the giant cork board from? Love it!

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