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what's so special about this room?

By 10/12/2012

for crying out loud, just about everything, right?  it's literally glowing at us.  
this is a living room makeover peter dunham did for house beautiful several months ago.  let's break it down into nuggets of goodness that you can use to repeat this look if you decide to make it your own.

1: i can't say enough about that natural light.  there's no way to get a room this bright and happy without it.  and i tend to think it's specific to california.  i swear, we don't have that same magical light in north carolina.

2: those long gorgeous yellow silk drapes.  hung extra high, their indulgent texture and bright hue are a halo around the room.  you'd be surprised but you can achieve this feeling on a smaller scale by adding a bowl of lemons to a room.  vibrant yellow immediately draws the eye in and keeps a design from feeling too rustic.

3: a quirky statement chair in a boho fabric keeps the design light and cozy, and invites conversation in groups.

4: more handblocked prints and travel-inspired textiles on pillows add a layer to the design.  these fabrics are easy to live with, add a bit of age to the room, and impart a bit of wanderlust.

5: those gorgeous vintage leather club chairs.   these are big chairs that can hold their own across from the sofa, making the arrangement feel balanced, and inviting for lounging.  they keep the room from feeling too formal, but lend just the right air of distinguish to the design.

6: a textured coffee table says you're laid back, chic and cool - put your feet up, your drinks down and bask in that lovely light flowing in.

7: our old friend, dunham's own fig leaf fabric.  this organic print takes the edge off all the woven elements in the room and keeps it from feeling too cardboard-y -- it feels like a pretty scarf wrapped around a classic linen shift.

8: the hide feels luxurious in the room, and does a great job of again breaking up the harder fiber-filled elements of the room.  to pull of this many neutrals, and still have an interesting, layered room, a hide is a fantastic finish to pull in.


  1. I love the pop of color on the drapes, personally not totally loving the choice of rug but everything else is fabulous looking. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Completey accurate.

  3. I am completely obsessed with this space-- and you're so right about the yellow drapes, they literally GLOW in the space and keep it from being too rustic! I'm always a fan of mixing tons of patterns, so this space is a dream to me! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Complete perfection! Why can't I accomplish this glow in my own space? *pouting*

    Lovely post as always, thanks for sharing :)


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  6. I love this room, too, and covet the Dunham fig fabric. The green plant by the window draws your eye all the way in.

  7. I especially love the light blue painted door frame. Such a small detail but it really makes the room for me! xx

  8. This is probably one of my favorite spaces of all time. I have studied it on several occasions admiring the handiwork of one Mr.Peter Dunham. There are so many things right about it, but I actually think there is one thing that takes it all from a 10 to an 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10) and that's the little hint of blue/green courtesy of the open door. I have searched high and low for the exact color in hopes that with it may come just an ounce of Peter Dunham's mad skeels. Here's to hoping.

  9. It's so special and beautiful.

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