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the days of my life

By 10/19/2012

well folks.  here we are at friday.  this week the gang and i traveled to high point for furniture market.  one of my favorite new pieces - this coral shagreen dresser.

lord have mercy, as kanye west would say.


he also says lord have mercy about this.  and i agree


this was another happy little number from market

we purchased many chairs for the shop, some new pillows (because we need those like we need another pink spotted item), a few mirrors, some major-league lamps and a celebratory dinner at macaroni grill.


keila and i took at quick jaunt to the beach.  i found a future lakehouse acquisition.


izzie couldn't really be bothered to leave the house.  bring the beach to me, she said.


we've been all a furbish getting ready for a big one king's lane sale on 10/28.  shooting product, measuring, submitting, repeat.


these guys won't be for sale, but managed to finagle a photoshoot of their own.  i work with a herd of divas.


we wrapped up this diva of a guest bedroom last week, and everyone was tickled pink all around.  i'll shoot the whole thing soon.  before you know it, i'll specialize only in guest bedrooms, lake houses and teenage girl rooms.  ha!  ha.


we had a last hurrah of summer picnic.  brian meares refused to play any boardgames so we talked about space instead.  outer.  not volume.

and we went to the state fair!  fried oreos!  the only ride my elderly husband would ride - the slide, camel feeding!  and the best looking ride ever, named 'the fighter'.   maybe i can put that at the lakehouse

we got sweaty and judged as cougars at a girl talk concert


my parents moved in this week, and rowdy worked on some furniture placement in their sunroom


i discovered this pig works around the corner.  not on the corner though.  she's not a ho-pig.


you should really start considering buying all of your christmas gifts from furbish, because we are just about all set up to make that happen for you.


and here's what i wake up to every morning on my dresser.  it's good to have goals.


  1. "She's not a ho-pig" killed me. Also I want that pig. I mean, how cute is she?!

  2. that dresser! those elephants! Kim's boobs in that one piece Kors!

  3. I wanted to pin that chest on my style spotter board but the color was so distorted that I was afraid it wouldn't show up! it was my favorite piece too. so midstream i had to pick something and posted the chesterfield sofa from the same showroom. am kinda wishing i had posted the chest anyway! :( more my design aesthetic. After style spotting now I know what you meant when I saw you last year! it's fun but work! plz go vote for my boards if u get a minute! Thanks Jamie!

  4. Those pillows are gorgeous! What brand and will you be carrying them?

  5. Please where can I find "If nothing else I can be a bad example"? Love it!

  6. Is the shagreen dresser R&Y Augousti? I worked at their store in Paris. Such gorgeous stuff!

  7. Oh my goodness, that gold pig is amazing! How much is it? My mom needs it for her birthday!

  8. Haha. I love that one about the pig. Good stuff!

  9. I'm obsessed with all of these images. Can't wait for your okl shoot my little lady!!

  10. A couple things... Kim, you're hot. I won't front. But that belt looks ouchie.
    Second, even your picnic setup is an effortless display of patten mixing. I mean c'mon Lady Meares, youre killin me. In any case, space is a favorite topic here too. Although it's a little frustrating at times, mostly because it goes on forever and that bothers me.
    I remember when you posted the Instagram of the floral sofa and I was oozing with envy, but I had no idea there were two of them. Lord have mercy is right. Please post the finished sun porch so I can see these beauties in full action.
    "Ho-pig" hahahaha. Oh jeez.
    As always, thanks for sharing.

  11. I cant see anything except Kims weird body. Everything about that photo looks strange.

  12. How much is that beautiful coral dresser?!

  13. GIRL TALK! You nailed it. That's exactly how I felt, sweaty and about 15 years older than everyone there. But, hey, at least that means we can have all the cocktails we want and not worry about getting carded.

  14. oooooh how I miss the state fair! And that picnic looks epic.

  15. Ha! Your "mantra" kills me. Lovely little space here! Found you through Blogs of Note. Love, love that coral dresser and now I so believe in wallpapering. What fun patterns there are!!

  16. haha, such a nice surprise at the end! I love that "If nothing else...haha" such a comfort it is. So relaxing to think about it. haha Thank you. Your blog made my day. :)

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