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what's so special about this room?

By 7/15/2012

i'm working on a new living room design for a family, and my go to for inspiration for this project was the work of ashley whittaker.   i'm a big fan of ashley's, from as far back as when domino named her one of the top 10 designers to watch 2007.  her portfolio is a great example of relaxed-yet-refined, tailored and traditional rooms with the perfect combination of personality pieces and pretty accents.

i thought her work would be great to kick off a new feature, 'what's so special about this room'.  if you can train your eye to pick up on the most important elements of a design you're drawn to, then you'll have much more success creating a look you love in your own home.


1: unconventional furniture arrangement

2: tailored, special details like greek key trim

3: large antiqued mirror

4: tortoise shell finish

5: a mix of lighting

6: custom pillow in indian inspired print

7: large modern artwork

8: quirky themed accents


  1. Ashley is great! Her work looks so fresh a few years out and she is so good with creating a complete space dressed up with the details.
    That Jansen sofa is on my radar for Casa Marisa too!

  2. YES I love this feature. Its like a mini-design school right here on this blog :)

  3. Good lesson! The room is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Hey
    i suwannee
    This is an extremely smartly written article. I will be grateful in case you continue this in future.

  5. I love her work so much and I can't even imagine how awesome your spin will be in the room! Can not wait to see it!

  6. I love this idea for a new series- the tips and elements outlined on this post will be very helpful as I continue designing my own space!

  7. great post! love the inspiration pictures and love how you picked apart the room!

  8. Great series -- designers always notice things in a room that I never see!

  9. Love her work. She is my husband's cousin. She is insanely talented and cool too!

  10. This is a great post! love it! and love the rooms you shared in the photos. i can't wait to see how your room turns out...i love everything you do!

  11. LOVE this new blog topic! Original, helpful content! Keep it up! It's a hit!



  12. Dig the series! The only thing I like more is that Peter Beard piece in the one room.

  13. Love the idea for this series. Especiallly seeing what's so special from your viewpoint (and not mine, which usually involves a doggie peeking out somewhere or large amounts of pink- you're much classier)

  14. Great inspiration photos..Thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead!

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    There are actually some popular diet program solutions which can be determined by the theory of fasting nonetheless they are classified as the kinder variety. Indeed, fasting sets our bodies to hunger mode requiring 1 to get rid of sure varieties of foodstuff apart from probably one or two. An excellent example will be the fruit fasting. Within this fasting procedure, the individual is required to feed on fruits - raw fruits, fruit juices, fruit shakes. The same goes when a person employs the bread fasting.

  43. A leaner system isn't far too simple to attain particularly if just one usually presents in to her or his cravings. Fasting isn't going to suggest abandoning foods, it just implies lessening the food items intake. A great deal of health professionals can also reveal for you in lots of ways how fasting is usually harmful to your well-being.For thriving fasting, you'll want to very first be mentally and emotionally well prepared. Beginning having a purpose in mind will inspire you to achieve something which you've never ever experimented with and a thing that most people are frightened to dare. While serious fasting suggests eradicating foods and drinking water fully from your technique and might previous for days and in many cases weeks, this can be not needed whenever you are fasting for body weight decline. Usually, gastric discomfort may perhaps happen in the first 3 days of practice but this is certainly just your system adjusting to the starvation.

    Actual physical exercise is needed for fast weight loss that could be maintained on a extensive term basis. Bodily activity can improve metabolic rate foremost to much more calories remaining burned a day and allow you to lose weight fast. If you lead a sedentary way of living, you might gain weight. Straightforward as that except if you happen to get among the list of fortunate handful of with a hyperactive metabolic charge. If you don't include bodily action into your weight-loss system, you are going to not get pleasure from any in the benefits of quickly fat reduction which can be gotten by incorporating bodily exercise into your fat reduction program.

  44. So, when you have puzzled how to lose weight fast, and when it was protected to perform, then while you can see from on top of, should you give attention to M.F is a few variety of perilous illegal body weight loss health supplement that some underground drug enterprise is creating (lol)!. Ultimately, it is best to appear away from the state of mind a few meals day. Typically, weight loss packages are designed for gradual reduction of weight. By using these food items, you'll be able to achieve much better health having a reputable weight decline. Effective thoughts control is vital to subsequent an work out and diet regime regimen till they attain their sought after goal

    As an example losing twenty lbs . in 20 times, five inches in 4 times and so on. Considering the fact that time immemorial, water has been uncovered to become the best treatment to get a large array of troubles. It can help sculpt muscles in your human body. So, which means you must go on the eating plan course primarily based all-around ingesting in a way that improves your metabolic rate. The greater time you are able to invest on workout and training, the better. If you are suffering from large body and want to lose weight fast, look into the positioning to discover tips on how to lose weight

  45. This can make your whole body not must perform as challenging to burn off off what is put in. There are many substances contained in refreshing fruits that assist improve physique metabolic rate. These kinds of food items have excessive calorie information and incorporate components that trigger a significant excess weight acquire.

    Figure out on a day-to-day foundation. Losing excess weight is commonly an ongoing dedication; it's actually not anything you bask in for any handful of weeks to get capable to place on the swimsuit or appearance truly very good for any reunion.For conditioning, once again, you must boost your metabolic rate.

  46. The great thing is you too can turn your dream into the fact by adhering to right recommendations and putting committed attempts.And very last, but unquestionably not least, you not surprisingly really need to concentration on health. It acts as the GI tract cleanser.You might have days whenever you will not likely be hold the capacity to ensure it is towards the health and fitness center or would not really feel committed plenty of to stay towards your healthy consuming program; don't conquer your self up above this kind of slips. The truth is, when you at any time intend to make it do the job, you may want to include extra fat reduction into your technique for daily life spanning a long time. Exercise routines by yourself can never ever cause fat loss, in which it really should included with nutritious very low crab diet

    It is best to know what to take in and just how substantially of it to take in, according to your metabolic price as well as your structure.A large extra fat diet would feed your whole body with far more energy than your whole body wants or could well be equipped to deplete. You have to work out to be able to expend your energy and also the fat in the human body to get rid of your additional weight. It does not matter just how long you happen to be while in the fitness center, or just how long you simply jogged for, in case your diet regime is not in test, then the results will be minimal to none.You have to stick to a particular form of life-style and alter your habits that hinder your weight decline plan. A well balanced and healthy diet that feeds the body while using the actual amount of nourishment that it wants would hold you from attaining body weight

  47. Actual physical action is essential for swiftly fat reduction that can be taken care of on the extended term foundation. Actual physical exercise can boost metabolic process main to a lot more calories becoming burned a day and allow you to lose weight fast. In case you lead a sedentary life-style, you will put on weight. Easy as that except you happen to become on the list of lucky very few that has a hyperactive metabolic charge. If you don't incorporate physical action into your weight reduction program, you might not take pleasure in any of your great things about fast fat loss which can be gotten by incorporating actual physical action into your fat loss method.

    Fasting grew to become a sensational concern when excess fat watchers adopted this generally spiritual or religious schedule to build a powerful bodyweight loss plan. Many health professionals detest this option method declaring it's absolutely not fantastic for the system mainly because plenty of vitamins are dropped for the duration of the fasting period. This can be inside a way genuine but only when just one fails to organize correctly for fasting, or whenever they will not fast safely.

  48. When there is an excessive total and usage of meals that mostly deliver vitality this kind of as carbohydrates, insulin will be secreted in more significant quantities and also the insulin will retailer the surplus carbohydrates as glycogen while in the muscular tissues, liver and circulatory method for use as desired when blood glucose amounts minimize. Any excessive carbs that may not be stored as glycogen are converted into excess fat and then saved in the body's fatty tissues.As soon as the human body creates excess insulin as a result of heightened amounts of glucose within the blood, bodyweight issues along with staying in danger of establishing chronic illnesses arise. This mostly occurs thanks to the type of meals being eaten. Ingesting refined food items such as white rice and white bread usually do not put the rate of metabolism to operate which increases blood sugar amounts. Consuming advanced carbs which consist of none of the "white" foods and much more complete grains puts the fat burning capacity to work and minimizes blood sugar ranges as well as require for extra quantities of insulin.

    It might be beneficial in case you could get them on board and perhaps even get them to affix in along with you. Healthful meals for the family will not be a nasty detail and will be a great way to receive your children to consume healthier food items. By substituting their typical meals with healthful ingredients, they may not even detect! It also does you no damage to obtain a bit healthful competitors. Online assets and help message boards are an additional strategy to get yourself a bit of additional assistance. Not simply do they ordinarily hold a plethora of knowledge on bodyweight loss however, you may also blend with people from the similar situation as you are. These slimming means are specifically good when you dont hold the possibility or the chance for getting into a slimming club.

  49. Typically men and women that seek to lose weight will generally find they're going to lack the inspiration to realize success and this is where by a good assist network will probably be remarkably useful. With ongoing assistance, fat loss and also the inspiration to lose weight can become much much easier. You will find numerous methods obtainable to these on a diet plan and we are able to speak a little bit about them in this particular report.

    A leaner overall body is never as well very easy to attain particularly if one usually provides in to his or her cravings. Fasting is not going to suggest abandoning food items, it just usually means lessening the food consumption. Lots of doctors too can clarify to you personally in many means how fasting may be harmful towards your well-being.For profitable fasting, you must initial be mentally and emotionally organized. Starting off using a target in brain will encourage you to realize a thing that you have got by no means tried and something that many people are frightened to dare. Although genuine fasting implies reducing meals and water totally out of your procedure and can final for times and in some cases weeks, that is not vital when you are fasting for body weight decline. Generally, gastric irritation may occur during the 1st a few times of practice but it is just your whole body adjusting for the starvation.

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