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By 7/11/2012



  1. I am equally in love with the TB tunic and those Wisteria vases/bowls! Gorgeous!

  2. Oh man, don't know how I've been missing out on Vitamin String Quartet all this time - they're brilliant!

  3. I love these newly formatted posts you're doing in addition to your normal awesomeness!



  4. Love the stripe band - and those vases are fab!

  5. Whoops!! I meant CYRUS. Next time I'm on a plane with him I'll apologize.

  6. ok, love, love, love! Love the Tory Tunic and the wisteria vases! And the pillows! Thanks for sharing!

  7. So you think you can dance...dance...dance. I, too, am obsessed with Cyrus and those wisteria vases. Can't wait for tonight's episode!!

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  10. Very Tough to remove the sight from here. Great work. A great treat for eyes. Keep it up. :)

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