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summer style recipe

By 6/11/2012

i've been struggling to find a big girl uniform i can consistently wear to work, be comfortable in, look somewhat chic, entertain my inner 13 year old skater boy, and can afford.
my go-to summer combo is a light blazer, a funky graphic tank, skinny jeans and big sandals. it's young and hip, but just polished enough to look smart. i own 3 of these four blazers from urban outfitters - they are definitely a warm weather staple because they're light and airy and not so tight across the back and shoulders like a lot of heavier blazers can be. and best of all, they're all on sale!
row 1 blazer/tank/jeans/shoes
row 2 blazer/tank/jeans/shoes
row 3 blazer/tank/jeans/shoes
row 4 blazer/tank/jeans/shoes


  1. I have row 2 shoe in Orange. They're my fav this summer!!

  2. Yayyy love these suggestions. Thanks so much!

  3. I'm with you.I have to be comforatble, and I LOVE vintage rock tees (know a good source?) that can be made preppy/chic/whatever. And I could totally walk in those shoes all day. Driving in them might be another story!
    And for cryin' out loud THANK YOU for showing things that normal people can afford!!

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