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don't stop til you get enough

By 5/25/2012

a few more things i'd like to point out real fast.


this pillow from anthro is pretty major.  we used in on my mom's guest bed, and it makes the whole room


as soon as i can bring brian meares into this decade, this wallpaper will be going in my casa.
splatter paint everything!

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 10.39.08 AM
when i feel alone in the world, i go look at this table cassandra styled, and then i know everything is ok.


what else can i graffiti?  the wall at furbish is just not enough.


chevron is staying put yal.  this beaut sold in about 56 seconds after she hit the floor at furbish.  i don't blame her.  when she walks into a room, she owns it.


and our cheery floral sofa.  i go sit on it when i don't think i'm going to make it.  (yes, my day does include at least 4 instances where i contemplate giving up).  i put my feet up on the pink ottoman and try to name the states in alphabetical order.  then i go back to people wrangling.

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  1. Love your pics - the floral sofa and ottoman are so awesome - Keep goin' - looks good from here!:)

  2. Wow - that anthropologie cushion is fabulous!

  3. I really love that sofa. I think it's my favorite thing you've shown from your store. Was married in big sur and need that JA big sur pillow...

  4. Could you do a post about how you would style a dorm room? They're such unfortunate living spaces, so any chance to liven it up would be fantastic.

  5. Where are those polka dot pillowcases from?!

  6. your post is wayyyyy more entertaining than mine! love it!!!

  7. a throw and pillows on a sofa are a sort of design graffiti

    john in nc

  8. it's been so long since i've visited the store. i need to see some beauty. hopefully will be by soon. i need some pillows. and rope necklaces.

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