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By 4/27/2012

let's catch up a bit.  i'll tell you what i'm up to.

did you catch miss thang in the new tradhome online mag?  (pg. 152)
Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 8.58.49 PM
when i saw this bedroom i called him immediately and yelled TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THESE ITEMS.  it's good.  only nick olsen would put that wisteria bench with a madeline weinrib rug and that crazy screen.  teach ME how to dougie.

here's a snippet from our photoshoot i mentioned we wrapped up last week.
Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 8.36.13 PM

here's what it took to get us through it.

i can't get my mind off of red, whites and blues.  i told you i was feeling oddly patriotic in my decorative parts.  this sofa from anna spiros' home does the trick.

speaking of colors that don't bleed, here's a pic of the new litter at furbish - maggie and my new assistant jessica, inadvertently matching

here's the older and doufier crowd.

in breaking news, i'm teaming up w/ a big nationwide retailer for some major makeover action.  here's a snippet of how i'll roll with that.

for your retail pleasure, we'll have these new pendants available for pre-order from furbish next week in PINK and ORANGE!

a couple of mexican serape headboards wrapped up and ready to go to their new beachhouse.

started two new wingbacks in this ikat with this wide trim running down the center.  yes.

a pretty moment from the lily pulitzer showroom in high point.  danika - i want to see you try this next! their showroom was full of fantastic DIY paint ideas like this, and a huge handpainted watercolor plaid.

hur's a painting we installed at a client's this week.  major wow.

here's paris.  major cow.

my fave moment du jour at furbish - a dining bench upholstered in a trina turk indoor/outdoor fern print, piped in coral, draped with a vintage suzani, and finished off with ikat and greek key.  enough to make a trend-hater's head explode.  bam!

i'm equally obessing over lulu dk's new fabric and trims for schumacher.  we have a sofa coming next week in one of them, and this one is just sitting on my desk, waiting for some magic to happen.

and finally, here's a catchy tune i'm enjoying this friday night as i wrap this up and go back to trying to figure out where all of our socks are.  we have an abandonment issue w/ the laundry.


  1. Miss Thang's bedroom is just.so.amazing!

    Also, I am now obsessed with those hot pink and striped towels. Can't wait to hear about the collaboration!

  2. So excited abut that pink pendant! everything says WAO all the way

  3. So much exciting stuff! But oh my goodness, those headboards are amazing.

    And I rilly, rilly want to know more about this collaboration!

  4. The pendant is amazing! Ooohhhing and aaaaahhhing over it!

  5. So many beautiful things. Can't wait to see the rest of the photoshoot pics. Looks great so far!

  6. You deserve a hug, and I would like to give it

  7. Such fun to meet you at Market. I also spotted the Lilly Showroom, and wanted every.single.thing.


  8. Can't. Stop. Listening. To. This. Song.

  9. I don't know if I'm brave enough to pull off an upholstered serape headboard. But I could definitely drape the one I have over a neutral upholstered one. You know, the way rich folks do with their Hermes throw blankets.

  10. right on christine! that's a great idea.

  11. Shazaam Girl! That would be perfect for my sunporch ceiling! I am on it once it stops raining dogs here.
    Thanks for the inspiration once again!


  12. OooH! I can't wait to find out more about your partnering with the retailer. I already can tell from the pic that you were at Target but I want to know more!

  13. what great stuff!! can I get any in LA? Wish I could visit the shop.

  14. Just found you on the new issue of Lonny- LOVE your decorating style!!!

  15. I just discovered your blog via LONNY. I am interested in the collaboration details because we developed the product you selected! Why are we always the last to know ;).

    Share more details if you can. One of the designers on our product development team is also from Raleigh.

    We will check out your shop next time we are in the NC for HP.

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