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By 4/17/2012

my choices at home these days are actually a little more restrained than you'd think, considering furbish is mostly unicorns humping rainbows. don't get me wrong. i love color, and mixing patterns at home, but these days my big choices have to be practical and made with the most important factor in mind: my sanity. to be sane, i need clean. and i have come to realize to be clean, i can't have white. white < brian meares. meaning he has the power to conquer anything white and make it dirty. so in my next home, my cabinets will be gray. gray will not show finger prints. grease. car oil. potting soil. caulk. mud. or epoxy. believe it or not, brian meares finds a way to get into these things every. single. day. let me show you what i envision: 109282728427414911_EsmmWBAt_f
you with me??


  1. i'm with you.
    that very first photo is my fave.
    it is somehow both delicate and industrial.

  2. love it! totally with ya, and i'm hoping to do this to our bottom cabinets soon

  3. I am ALL about some gray cabs and marble counters...really LOVED this post!

  4. yes yes yes. with dogs + man, white is not an option. and i looove white. but it drives me crazy. love the grey/gray.

  5. I'm planning a kitchen remodel soon and love gray; I think it really elevates the space and makes it look quite elegant, especially in your inspiration images. But my kitchen doesn't get a lot of natural light and I'm afraid it would just end up being a small, depressing and dingy-looking space if I go with anything other than white. Urg.

  6. We're in the middle of our kitchen remodel and going grey on our cabinets. It's heaven! Never thought I'd dig painted wood but it's quite the nice change.

  7. Oh I'm with you sista. In fact I challenge you to a dirty boy duel. Mine comes with a furry backup just in case he lacks the where with all to totally trash a room by himself. Gray/griege kitchens rock.

  8. Wow. Great kitchens, all of them. I didn't think marble counters could look more grand, but now I see combined with grey cabinetry...the bomb.

  9. Yes, this was basically my inspiration folder for my kitchen remodel! (I just posted photos of it here: http://www.tessinrinpoche.com/2012/04/10/ee-introducing-the-kitchen/ )

    I also have a fox doorknocker on my front door, so feeling very in sync with my blog universe

  10. This post reminds me of Rachael Zoe. Her personal style is so wonderfully excessive- 8" heels, faux fur, tons of accessories, etc. And yet her home is mostly white and very minimalist. And both styles are gorgeous, and I love them.

  11. j'adore my grey cabinets. We mixed with some glass uppers in white and soapstone countertops.

  12. http://pinterest.com/pin/158540849351856646/

    here's another great one

  13. Jaimie,

    What source did picture #11 w/ the yellow stool come from. I love that marble and would love to know where your picture came from so I can try to source it. Thanks.

  14. So I planned my kitchen remodel as a sassy single gal...just me and my lovely non-shedding poodle against the world! Then I started dating a man who could rival Brian Meares for his ability to make anything and everything dirty just by looking at it...between him and the Pit mix (who has a magical ability to shed hair on any surface you could imagine), I am really struggling to keep the kitchen white. Maybe a gray kitchen will be the answer to my dreams (or just hide the dirt).

  15. The first time my sister saw my white kitchen, with shaker style cabinets and glass knobs she was in shock that there weren't bursts of color. Just like you, I am all about color, my closet is full of it. BUT with chaos from home life with three little boys I like having the one room in the house that we spend the most time in and that gets messiest the fastest as neutral as possible. When I did my kitchen I was debating between white and grey and I love both! Great images!

  16. I am fascinated with your title, "i suwannee". Its the first time I've seen the expression in print and I haven't heard it since I was a child growing up in coastal Mississippi. My mother used the expression to indicate "wonderment" over something.

    The rooms are fabulous...I dream of rooms like this as well. Of course I would need "help" to keep them looking like the photos.

    I love everything about your site especially the humor . You've inspired me to continue with
    my blog "granddivasews.blogspot.com

  17. Lillie- that's exactly it! The women in my family say it constantly.

  18. Oh yeah, my daddy always said upon exiting their home "Y'all be particular now, ya yeah! What the? I guess that meant be careful, don't take no wooden nickels, be aware etc. My kids say it as something funny as well as to remember daddy.

  19. does anyone know the paint color for kitchen # 13? Thanks!

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