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daisy dukes bikinis on top

By 2/28/2012

let's get right to breaking news: while en route to la last night, i launched the brand spanking new shopfurbish.com.  please take a gander and enjoy our new less jacked up stylings.  i also need to thank one keila marino who's still the hurricane gust beneath my wings, one wunderkind sarah gibbons who designed both of our new sites, and one maggie baker who had no idea what she was getting herself thrown into but managed multi-tasking like a fox.
it was a lot of work yal.

in other news, i'm here in la to celebrate with nick olsen - he was chosen as one of tradhome's top 10 new designers and he'll have a project featured in the online magazine coming out in april.  last night we had a lovely dinner hosted by beth brenner (yes, that beth brenner of domino past) and her ladies from traditional home magazine.  i don't do this often, but i had a major stroke out moment sitting at the table across from her, with nick to my right, the lovely ladies of tilton fenwick at the table and david harris from the new traditionalists ... i'm so grateful that i've had the opportunity to make a career out of something i am truly obsessed with.  blah blah, emotions.  you get the drift.

(i also stroked out just a bit on the plane b/c i was sitting next to twitch!)

so things are going swimmingly.  looking forward to a fun party tonight hosted by tradhome and bunny williams where the brightest blogging and design stars will work it and be seen.   now for some shopping and eating and weather-enjoying!

thanks again for the amazing support of the store.


  1. A huge congrats Jaimie! I will be checking out the site now. Can't wait to hear all about your elbow rubbing and cocktail drinking at the party tonight!

  2. I love the new site.... Your items are amazing. I wish I could get it all :)

  3. Came in today and picked up a little something to help get me through a Tuesday. Love your shop - so please don't stop. Really didn't mean for that to rhyme...

  4. I've been following for a while now so I guess I should drop my congratulations here!

  5. The new website is amazing! Congratulations on all of your success, Jamie!

  6. So many good things happening in this post! I LOVE the new site and all of the new goodies. And I'm beyond jealous that you were so close to Twitch. I would die. Your success is such an inspiration and is so fun to watch unfold. Congrats!

  7. CONGRATS! Also congrats on the shop. Because the first one was about sitting next to twitch, who I would feel compelled to make out with.

  8. Holy banana pants. Number 1, the new site is fantastical. Can't wait to make the trip up to Raleigh to see the new store. Number 2, seeing Twitch would be like the biggest celebrity sighting ever. Better you than me because they would have had to land the plane due to my repeated attempts to jump on him.

  9. The new site is so hot, it'd melt a popsicle.

    Congratulations on all your success!! You're an inspiration.

  10. the 5 year old just saw the new website on the computer. she said...mommy, jamie has a bunch of new stuff. i want to go to there. she was mad when i told her i went yesterday without her.

    congrats. looks great.

  11. I love the new site! Your furniture is some of my faves so Im so glad you can get it online now! Those leopard stools with the hot pink piping are perfection! Congrats!


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