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goings and doings

By 8/09/2011

ladies and nick,
i finished up the house at kiawah island yesterday, and as mentioned before, it's going to be a doozy.  this is what kept me going in the sweaty rainforest of coastal decorating:
see what's happening there?  krispy kremers going through the glaze machine.  yes.

the dining room of mixed pattern delight (ignore the cheese chair standing alone in the corner)

we were torn on the way home when we passed club nu voe. alas, we continued without stop.

i was in a rush because rowdy's birthday preparations needed tending to.

i made him a peanut butter pie, and a t-bone. don't judge - he's a good dog.

i sat down to enjoy my new house beautiful after my baking...ahem, i mean mixing. (no bake peanut butter pie), and i saw this crazytrain. i have never seen such.

did i tell you we grassclothed the ceiling?
we did. i still don't know what to do with that donkey angled piece. is it ceiling? is it wall? i don't want it red. i don't want it grasscloth. what do i want?

remember that mess i was making in the kitchen? here's how he turned out

i put on my crafting helmet for a bit and worked on tags for the new store.

and then this morning, a box full of donkeys showed up, and that filled me with hope and audacity.


  1. thanks for doing your part to bring piñatas back

  2. I work down the street from the crazytrain ikat truck in Dallas - brings a giggle to my mornings!

  3. nice art!! did you stretch the canvas yourself?

  4. ahhh, beachhouse dining room is AMAZING

  5. Wow you have been one busy lady, all good things it seems! Great art and love the beach dining room! Happy birthday to your adorable dog...good dogs deserve pulling out all stops on their birthdays, glad he got his "special meal" sounds like a good one!

  6. puhhhlease tell us about the rug!

  7. you def should have stopped at club nu voe! hahah why don't you stencil a red pattern on that angled ceiling? something graphic like zig zags maybe?
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  8. I would put a bulletin board on the donkey angled wall.A giant donkey angle inspiration board...

  9. I love how in that article all of the other designers are like, "I only drive BMWs." or "This is my 8th Land Rover." And the coolest car of all is a truck with a giant sticker!

  10. Love all of it. Can't wait to see the tags in the new store. And maybe a piece of your artwork on the stairs would be quirky and fun.

  11. do you think one could grasscloth over horridly cottage cheesy ceilings? any advice? thanks! :)

  12. Scrolling by all these photos makes me feel that it's very colorful to be Jamie Meares. We're surrounded by beige this week (just moved, covered in boxes) and I needed that dose of color!

  13. Ooooh I love those tags! Pretty snazzy there!

  14. I live in Charleston and Club NuVoe is my local haunt....kicks ass. lol Can't wait for your new shop!

  15. so much! I love your tags, trying to create a look like that on my business cards right now. And the grasscloth ceiling? Gorgeous! You need to stripe that other bit, red and white, half wall half ceiling :)

  16. 1) That is a dream of a truck and awesome as it is hilarious. 2)love the watercolor tags- way to hit up the latest trend! 3)love the art, love the grasscloth ceiling. 4) happy birthday to Rowdy!

  17. Love, love, love the beach house! Colors and patterns are so inspiring. And if you are taking suggestions for the donkey angled wall... paint stripes on it! Make them different widths to change it up a bit!


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