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By 5/27/2011

brian meares and i are going camping with some friends this weekend. last night we got out the camping box, and found a mouse had set up camp in the box. good for him - he had so many items at his disposal. propane tanks, lots of string, cans of beans, ponchos, etc. he ate through all these items. so we took everything out, cleaned items, argued about why item was necessary in first place, and loaded it back up.
i'm glad to get out of the house b/c for the last week our ac upstairs has been shot, so we've been sleeping downstairs in the guestroom. although i love this room, the bed is horrible. it creaks and is uncomfortable and could fall apart at any minute. (i'm sorry jennifer and chad. and nick. we need a new bed).
it's also not as dark and dungeony as our bedroom, so brian meares rigged up some beach towel over curtain action to keep the light out. you can imagine my reaction.
i thought it was fantastic.

in preparation for camping, i went searching for a new v-neck t-shirt, b/c that's that's fashionable, right? -- i carried a neon pink one to the register at jcrew in a moment of delusion, but quickly aborted and snapped back to the reality where i will never pay $32 for a t-shirt. i would, however, pay $32 for this teepee in the window.

and last, but not least, look at this fantastic bird. he is of close relation to the monkeys but outshines them in color and general swagger.
i tried to hang 3 birds in a row in the store but they won't hang straight. keila said it looks so horrible it almost looks ok. so i took that as a DONE!


  1. Eek, mice! We have them at our place, too. I always forget about them until I go to dig something out of the garage and have a big WTF??!!! moment.

  2. I love everything about this post. That is all.

  3. Our collective girth has definitely contributed to the demise of your guestroom bed. Will gladly contribute to the new bedframe fund. Wouldn't that be a tax write off for you? Chop chop!

  4. i LOVE that fabric pattern, so great you used it for curtains. Any tips on great online places for fabric?


  5. I'm so excited to see someone else on the internet who thinks $32 for a thin tee is silly. Everyone else is all "this tank top was a steal for $69" and it's annoying.

    Have fun companing! I hope it's the kind of camping where there is a toilet somewhere... ;-)

  6. I don't know if I agree that the bird out swaggers the monkeys...

  7. I love the tee pee! I would buy it for $32 or even $52 because I really love it, especially for a kid's room. It's pretty and fun!


  8. I have pretty much decided I'll never pay more than $20 for a t-shirt. I want a gingham shirt from J.Crud, but felt that $72 was dumb money to spend on neon yellow gingham. Still considering it, though because it's so awesome.

    I like this post very much, too. I hope you have fun camping.

  9. I love the tee pee and you might find one just like it via Hip Huts, here. I'm thinking I can't wait long enough to get one for my as-yet-unborn child!

  10. I dropped $75 on a simple button up shirt from jcrew this weekend...they call it the 'perfect shirt' I disagree seeing as it doesn't make me look skinnier or my boobs perkier. I bought it anyway...the newspaper is coming to shoot me and my kid's rooms tomorrow, so if jcrew says it's perfect, then i'll wear it!


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