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By 2/09/2011

i have a bee in my bonnet.

i've been terribly 'flicted with the SADs this winter, and i am positively FROTHING for spring and warm weather and longer days and making my house look less disagreeable to me.  topping the list of things-i-can't-stand-to-look-at any longer include: our master bathroom, the outside of the house in general and specific, the basement and our 2nd guest room which is a glorified closet for brian meares.

our master has one measly pedestal sink, and nary a bit of storage.  nothing.  and while i'm a fan organized clutter on say, a bookcase, i can't deal with mess everywhere in the bathroom.  i need a nice civilized vanity with storage underneath (could possibly be a piece of furniture i turn into a sink) and a medicine cabinet on top.  and i need this in there.  bad.
Screen shot 2011-01-08 at 12.40.36 PM

outside.  ergh.  where to start?  we've tried to grow grass twice as year for at least a full presidential term now, and it just won't take.  so it's mostly a lawn of dirt.  the porch is saddened by a lack of fresh outdoor pillows, in need of power washing, sanding and re-staining, and the plants are in varying states of death.  the windows need painting, the shutters are chipping, and the shrubs look like tara reid.  we are getting mulch delivered this weekend, which i'll spend sunday schlepping around - so hopefully that will help.

the basement.  we put down a slate floor and added wainscoting and grasscloth about two years ago.  i think that was the last time i went down there.  we have a monstrous basement with all of the nice updated items, a nice view, ceiling fans, new windows and other delights and we never ever use it.  woe.  do you have rooms in your life you can't seem to work into your flow?  how do you make the shift in your life to live according to the blueprint you have, and take advantage of it, rather than wishing for something you don't have?  i'll daydream about what i'll do when i get to build the 'perfect house' and in the meantime let the house i have go to crap.  what gives?
Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 7.10.33 PM

brian meares' room: full of car parts.  he thinks this is reasonable.  i ask you - how many of you have rooms in your house full of ... parts?  i wagered to brian not many.  these items go in a garage.  a basement.  a shed.  but he likes them where they are accessible.  so what could be a cozy study with built-ins and a sleeper sofa and furry pillows is full of doors to land rovers.

full disclosure: there have been no budgetary allowances made for any of the above.  so.  good talk yal.  i'll change some pillows out and move on.


  1. Wow, you have really great taste.

    I would decide first on what room you like or would like to spend the most time.

    Then make a list of any small things you can do to make changes.

    Paint (DIY)
    A big green Fiddle Fig Plant
    Go to goodwell etc. You might surprise yourself!

    Come and enter my fabulous giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  2. Aw. I know the feeling of having SO much you want to do and not enough budget/time/etc. And you'd think the more you get done the less you'd feel that crazy urge to finish *everything* but I think it gets worse.

    Thanks for this post--it's always interesting to hear what other peeps are planning/wishing.

    Love every one of those pics!

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel...when I pull into the driveaway I just try to look at the ground until I get into the house! I bet pillows would def. make you feel better..and some mulch!

  4. Well...I must say, after seeing your casa in High Gloss, this full disclosure makes me feel a wee bit better about the state of my own house, and living with what I have versus wishing for what I don't. Which, btw, I feel has become my mantra.

  5. Good to know there are others out there with the hubs who hoards Rover parts. Luckily mine have not overtaken a bedroom yet; only a patio and garage. Oh and other designers who are so fed up with their own houses and have no money to do what they wish. So not fair!

  6. "the shrubs look like tara reid" ...you kill me!

  7. wow, your house is so fab. Maybe you can take the awesome sounding basement and make THAT your cozy room with built-ins and a sleeper sofa with incredible pillows from Furbish.

  8. Similar problem with the lower level. Game room, gym, pool room/bar, media room 2 beds and bath. Never went down there. Evah. Since I cancelled the gym membership (I KNOW) and moved my sewing studio into one of the bedrooms (20 x 13 vs the upstairs studio at 10 x 14) I'm down there all the time now. Love it. It's a walk-out so lots of light helps. Good luck. It took me six years to figure all this out.

  9. yeah, and the snow in NC this morning doesn't help, eh? no more SADs... just new pillows!

  10. i second the feeling of the SADs, and working from home leaves me in various stages of loathing for practically every room of the house! oh and PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT THAT chandelier in the first pic, I'm in loooooooove! that alone could transform my opinion of the whole abode :)

  11. So true! I switched out our pedestal for a cabinet last winter - best move ever. I think we should do a trade - I'll do your yard and you can do my interiors; I'm better with plants than paint swatches. Oh and that basement will come in handy for shooing children down when friends come over for drinks! Sending virtual hugs - you are truly the coolest being. In fact, you have inspired me to take a second look at a beautiful ORANGE rug. Of all things.

  12. The "looks like tara ried" line cracked me up! At least you have a basement to work with. We don't get them here in Texas and it stinks!

  13. ohh i so hear you..i could go on and on..my suggestion..is to ESCAPE! go on vacation..the sunshine and warmth will do your mind some good!

  14. Every time I start to think about a project, I think, "but what if we move soon?" I mean, we have no plans to move soon nor can we afford the caliber of house that I search for in real estate listings, so yeah, I hear you. Also, I keep eating Ho-Hos to get rid of the SADs. I wouldn't recommend it.

  15. Put the Land Rover parts in the unused basement and make the upstairs study a pretty place?

    the shrubs looking like Tara Reid made me laugh out loud.

  16. Have a kid - you'll start using the basement

  17. Not to sound like an irritating, all-knowing aunt, but it ain't about the "stuff."

    Hard lesson for all of us (harder still, I imagine, if your biz is "stuff")...

    Hang in there, spring's coming.

  18. Comforting to know that fashionable people who appear in magazines have a secret stash of car parts in the guest room.

  19. It's funny how we seem to never be satisfied with our own places. I couldn't wait for the day to see your home in High Gloss and it exceeded my expectations. I'm sure you'll work wonders on the basement and your husband's auto parts/library room. My husband has got massive surfboards crowding our one bedroom apartment - wishing for tiny auto parts instead.

  20. I have to admit that this post is a bit of a relief. I was beginning to be envious of your too perfect life! ;) Glad to know know you have those sore spots just like the rest of us! The entire exterior of my home is also disagreeable!...especially now with the amassing feet of snow out there! I just had to climb on the roof to shovel snow off of it. The roof I say! This will not do!

  21. Word. I too struggle with the "how do I enjoy the house I have now whilst wishing for the home I dearly want?" blues. So if you find the secret to house happiness, please let me know. I think pillows and rugs are part of that secret (for me, looking at my zebra rug produces a high that is better and longer lasting than most drugs), but I haven't figured out the rest. Maybe I need to come in the store...

  22. My husband and I were just hashing this over. He wants to have electronics and capacitors and widgets everywhere. I would like a beautiful house, but would settle for not having a broken TV and an unused treadmill be the first thing people see when they enter my house.

    I've gotten an itch to use taxes to "fix up" the house, when I really should be paying off debt, but I don't want to wait. Every single room needs major work. Hell, I'd be happy with new flooring. But I'm tired o feeling like I live in a bachelor pad.

    Ah Christ, I just remembered that the hubs asked if we could get a... drumroll please... empty metal 55 gallon drum that used to hold paint so we could burn things in it in the backyard. Sigh.

    Hang in there, spring is coming.

  23. I am loving your ideas and inspriation..one detriment to blogworld and being online in general is that you really have so many choices..too many and then when you know the direction you want to go in...you see something else that inspires you! But I do love the direction you are going in!

  24. I am so happy to hear you of all people...with a gorgeous home just featured in a magazine...complaining about her own place. I am not happy that you are complaining, just happy to hear I am not the only tortured one that is mental about her house and wants to change a gazillion things. I was just looking at the outside of my house yesterday and it it was making me quite angry to say the least. It is one big gray blob...gray house on gray stones...bleh. I need serious help...both mentally & exterior house-wise.

  25. Love all these shots!! You'll get there! But I can so relate - so many things I'd like to do!! Like the way you think!

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  27. Oh thank goodness-I thought it was just me. I keep looking around with a dissatisfied expression.

    One thing that did help? A field trip to Central Park. Being outdoors on a relatively warm day for few hours really helped.

  28. Well, on a brighter note, you would make a great comedian! "the shrubs look like Tara Reid". Hilarious!

    Don't worry, I think we all know the feeling all too well. Esp when winter's got us down and we have no mula $$.

    I found the key is to take a little break (and a deep breath) and then get back into it! You will feel much worse if you let your house go into a deeper state of desolation while daydreaming about castles and villas, than if you roll up your sleeves and make your house a little bit more resemblant of your daydreams everyday...

  29. that last bit had me laughing - my husband also has an old landrover 110 and it's amazing how many parts and pieces are necessary to keep around. At least I can be thankful that they are stored in the garage (in the place where his vehicle should be parked..which is pet peeve enough for me!). At least spring will be here soon!!

  30. jamie, you asked how many people have car parts in their guest bedroom, and I thought to myself, "well, we do. then again, we have a rover". then i read your next sentence and see that, like us, you also have a rover.

    so to answer your question, i would wager most people that have rovers. but don't tell brian that :)

  31. You should give your self a break! The Meares Casa graced the pages of High Gloss magazine, you should be very proud of your lovely home!

  32. I feel your pain, I do exactly the same injustice to my house but I blame it on the fact that I'm married to a man who thinks that it's ok to have a room full of parts for something or other that he will one day build, I tell you, it kills my enthusiasm, so it's all his fault :D

  33. Love that light and first bathroom...source? Oh how I feel your pain in so many ways! Can't wait to just build a house and plan everything out from scratch...and then use it all!