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By 12/28/2010

i have the week off. i am unsure what to do with myself when not working. i do a lot of wandering and judging of my house. it does not meet, much less exceed expectations.
you can judge it yourself when the first issue of high gloss comes out in a few weeks, because the meares compound will be on display.

we had 8 inches of snow.
this was an unfortunate happening:
rowdy's feet collected snowballs that wouldn't come off. we had to submerge in bathtub. poor puppy

in gifting news, i am overly pleased with these new bits i received:
Picture 1
Picture 4
and these

i gave a lot of this
Picture 2
i made brownies w/ peppermint sprinkles. i enjoyed crushing up the peppermint b/c i was mad at the post office and was able to channel my hatred into the pounding with a green bean can.


  1. Being from Texas, I thought maybe Rowdy was wearing a new pair of leg warmers. Poor guy... He still looks cute:) looks like Santa was good to you!!

  2. My dog Oscar had the same hair dilemma this year - we called him marshmallow man and we gave him a bath, too, the first time - but after that we just blow dried them away.

  3. goodness i didn't even know something like that could occur on an animal. living in Phoenix, i am clueless about snow issues. happy with my 70 degree winter days!

  4. I died laughing when I saw those snowballs! Too funny... poor little guy :)

  5. Poor Rowdy! Mr. Darcy had to take a dunk in a warm bath after suffering the same snow ball issue. He was not a fan.

    I hope you enjoy your week off! If your house doesn't meet/exceed expectations, the rest of us don't have a lot of hope. I am sure it looks fab!

  6. Oh my- poor puppy- the picture is so cute but I know it must have been quite miserable for the little guy:( On the happier side of things, great prezzies for you!!!

  7. Oh my gosh horrible but hilarious photo!

  8. hahahahahahahah, that photo of Rowdy is the best thing I've seen all winter.

  9. omg about those snowballs! my dog has a similar coat to yours but she has never seen snow- crazy how that happened!

  10. omg about those snowballs! my dog has a similar coat to yours but she has never seen snow- crazy how that happened!

  11. CRACKING up that Rowdy has the same problem as our dog did that I posted about last year: http://lifeingraz.blogspot.com/2010/02/life-with-dog.html

    It's hilarious. Rowdy's are so lush and perfectly round!